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Philip Worth is a recurring character in Call the Midwife who is portrayed by Stephen Ashfield. He is the husband of Jennifer Worth who comes back in season 4 Christmas special after they leave in the previous episode. He is a hard worker and is rather fond of painting.



Philip worth is first seen outside Nonnatus House, his arrival coincided with the arrival of the parish men's group having a talk on maternity. He is mistaken for being part of the group and is asked for his name and given a pencil and notepad, he interrupts Dr Turner talking about conception and asks for milk of magnesia as his cousin had terrible heartburn. Nurse Trixie Franklin takes him to the clinical room and they run into Nurse Jenny Lee who offers to see him out, Jenny says heartburn is a rotten business but that she’s heard it means the baby will have lots of hair, Philip said he heard it where he came from, Edinburgh but his cousin Jeanette thought it was an old wives tail. As he leaves he stared struck by Jenny.  

Philip was staying with his pregnant cousin Jeanette who was under Jenny’s care, when examining her Jenny admired his paintings, Philip was inspired by the music of Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky meaning his paintings were quite abstract but Jenny liked them. When he walked into the room and offered to make coffee, he was surprised to find that Jenny liked his painting and smiled at her and she smiled back.  

Jeanette goes into labour and Philip meets her and takes her coat, while he was making toast Jenny was doing a crossword with a labouring Jeanette who was annoyed when he guessed the answer (1954 film Magnificent Obsession). Unfortunately Jeanette has a long and slow labour and Jenny asks for another midwife, Sister Evangelina and Nurse Patsy Mount arrive in her place and Philip is instantly kicked out. He offered to walk Jenny back to Nonnatus but she declined. In the end Jenny decided she wanted to work with the dying and switched careers.  

Philip was invited to her going away party, Jeanette gave birth to a baby girl and gave him some flowers for him to give to Jenny. He walked with Jenny as she cycled off to her new life.  


Jenny and Philip would go on to marry, they would have two daughters Suzannah and Juliette Worth. They never lost touch with the convent or the friends found and photographs of Jenny’s time at Nonnatus House would be up in their house over 40 years after she left.

Elderly jenny and philip

In Christmas 2005 Jenny was writing a letter to the nuns at their new location in Birmingham, while decorating both Jenny and Philip try to find a China ornament given to Jenny by Cynthia Miller, while Philip was making her a fire Jenny wondered if she was a fool, romantic or creature of routine, Philip says she was the last two. After reminiscing it begins snowing and the ornament is found. Philip suggests to Jenny that she write down her memoirs, and that was exactly what she did.