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Phoebe Doyle is a patient of Nonnatus House.


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Series 3[]

Phoebe Doyle is a young Protestant woman who eloped with Catholic Declan Doyle due to the couple's opposing religions. She is first seen at the Antenatal Clinic, where she is attended to by Trixie and tells her that she and her husband have only recently moved to London. She tells Trixie that she has nobody other than her husband to care for the baby.

In Poplar, the couple marry in the registar office, without ceremony as their religions would not allow them to marry in either's churches. Phoebe is concerned that her baby will have 'no soul' due to them being unable to be baptised which causes an argument between her and Declan, which Trixie overhears.

The baby is born, Cynthia and Trixie assist, but it's breathing is laboured and Phoebe fears that should the baby die, it would do so without a soul. Hearing this, Declan rushes from the room and fetches Reverend Tom Hereward who baptises the baby, James Declan.

James lives and the couple appear to be living happily.



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