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"Princess Margaret is like royalty and a film star rolled into one"
- Chummy Noakes about Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon was the sister of Queen Elizabeth II, she was born in 1930 to Prince Albert George, Duke of York and Elizabeth, Duchess of York, later their Majesties the King and Queen.

Early Life[]

Princess Margaret was set for a privileged but unremarkable life in Britain until the abdication of her uncle Edward VII which thrust her father onto the throne as King. As she grew up she got more involved in royal life. One such occasion was meeting the daughter of Sir Rex Fortescue Cholmeley Browne who was knighted for services to the Indian viceroy, Camilla better known as Chummy. Chummy was also presented at court in front of her parents to begin her days as a debutante. However the high society life was not for Chummy and she began working as a nurse.

Her Visit to Poplar[]

Princess Margaret went on to become known as a style icon, however she began working as a royal which meant going to all kinds of engagements. One was the East End of London, namely Poplar where a now married Chummy worked. Chummy arranged for the community to come together, Cynthia Miller and her girls brigade arranged for a marching band to play for her and the cubs put on a play of Grace Darling. However her visit has the unfortunate effect of blocking roads and mother Mrs Torpy must labour with no way of getting to a hospital, luckily Chummy comes to the rescue.

Later life[]

Princess Margaret would go on to marry Anthony Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon and had two children with him. The pair divorced in 1978 after both where discovered to be in relationships with others, the princess never remarried after the divorce. Her great popularity as a style icon lessened until she became one of the more fringe members of the Royal Family, she spent a lot of her time on Mustique, in St Vincent and the Grenadines.


Princess Margaret died in 2002, her last years had been blighted by ill health caused by her smoking and drinking habits. She endured one last stroke and died, her sister the Queen was the one who had to tell their mother Queen Elizabeth the Queen mother who died only seven weeks later.