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Reverend Raymond Spragg is a young curate sent to stay at Nonnatus House before moving onto his parish, the midwives aren't enthusiastic about him being under their roof and he unwittingly offends Sister Monica Joan who is questioning her faith. He was played by Tom Morley.


Reverend Spragg has recently been ordained as a curate and is set to move to a parish in Newcastle but it was not ready yet. His bishop asked Sister Julienne to give him lodging for a time and she agrees, the other nurses and nuns at Nonnatus House even though they’d taken guests before with no complaints act as though Reverend Spragg’s presence was the greatest inconvenience possible and when the mice got into the bed in the spare room they put him on a camp bed.  

When Reverend Spragg arrives and when being showed up to his room he thanks Sister Julienne and wishes to repay her generosity, at first she thinks he means monetary repayment, but he actually meant a eucharistic service for the upcoming feast of Corpus Christi. She accepts this offer but not with great enthusiasm.  

Despite the nuns not being that welcoming he thanks Sister Julienne for the camp bed saying it was very comfortable. He heard from Sister Frances about Sister Monica Joan who was elderly and because she was suffering from a crisis of faith found it difficult to attend chapel, Spragg misunderstood and thought her age was the problem and wanted to offer his assistance to her.

Both Reverend Spragg and Sister Julienne go to see Sister Monica Joan in her room, he somewhat condescendingly offered to bring Sister Monica Joan the sacrament before or after the service. Sister Monica Joan took great offense as she was being offered the Communion for the sick and dying. Sister Monica Joan angrily tells him that despite her situation she did not require the last rites, “I might be verging on decrepitude, but I am not yet dead”.  

Reverend Spragg is last seen giving his service in the presence of the nuns and the Turner family. By the next episode he has moved on to his parish to study and improve his skills as a curate, which after the way he handled the Sister Monica Joan situation were rather needed.