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The Rectory Cottage is the cottage located across the road from Nonnatus House on Wick Street, Poplar. At first it was owned by Tom Hereward who was joined by Barbara on marriage. Miss Higgins is the current resident starting from 1967.


The cottage became occupied by Tom Hereward in Series 3 after he came to live in poplar for an indefinite period of time while the vicar takes leave of absence as curate, he subsequently becomes very involved in the Poplar community. He begins dating Trixie Franklin and the two get engaged but after the bishop spoke to Tom about transfer to a slum district in Newcastle Trixie realises she isn’t cut out for marriage to the church an breaks off the engagement. In the end the transfer doesn’t go ahead and Tom stays in Poplar running All Saints Church where he becomes friendly with midwife and Sunday school teacher Barbara Gilbert. The two living just across the road from one another makes their courtship very easy to maintain and during a mission to South Africa on the encouragement of ex fiancée Trixie Tom proposes with a blade of grass and she accepts. They marry and she moves in, the house itself is a decent size with a kitchen, living room and at least one bedroom. Their happiness is cut short however, after returning from a mission to Birmingham Barbara falls ill with septicaemia and dies leaving Tom heartbroken, he joins her father on a mission to New Guinea. From then the house was standing empty until Series 11 when Miss Millicent Higgins moved into Nonnatus House for a time processing trauma of being burgled, Sister Julienne arranges for her to move into the cottage, Phyllis comments it’s hard to imagine anyone other than Tom and Barbara living there and Sister Julienne says they can’t live in the past. In the end Miss Higgins moves in allowing her to be close to people but still live independently, Nurse Phyllis Crane is a frequent visitor to the cottage as she and Miss Higgins are close friends and confidantes.