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Reginald “Reggie” Jackson is Frederick "Fred" and Violet Buckle's surrogate son. He is also Fred's second cousin. He often lives with the couple and works as Fred's assistant at his shop when he is home. He is portrayed by Daniel Laurie.


Reggie is a kind hearted soul, though easily trusting. He was born with Down syndrome which means he is intellectually disabled.


Series 6[]

When we are first introduced to Reggie, he is shown with his elderly mother Ivy who runs their life based on schedules and images, to make it understandable and memorable for Reggie to function for short periods without her. One morning when she is headed to church, she tells Reggie she will be back at half past noon, making sure Reggie understands what that will look like on the clock. However, at church, she suffers a massive heart attack and dies before she hits the floor. Thus begins Reggie's journey.

Series 7[]

In series 7, Reggie returns for a picnic that Violet is hosting, and is the first person to find where the smallpox infected dock worker is hiding. He realises the man is in trouble, and goes to investigate, and is kind and leaves him bread to eat, when he hears he is hungry :).

Series 8[]

Reggie returns to Poplar for Christmas, it is there that he helps Fred hide a donkey from Violet that Fred's friend Nolly got as an apology for a lack of reindeer when Fred dressed up as Santa (Fred having to manage with space elves). The donkey is eventually used for the Christmas show at the Orders mother house orphanage.

When Violet is elected as a local councillor Reggie is happy to congratulate her on victory and asks her if she will be busy, she tells him she'll never be too busy for him. Reggie then visits for the Nonnatus house beach day, one of Violets first engagements as local councillor. In S08 E08 Reggie returns to Poplar once more after an outbreak of whooping cough in his community, Fred and Violet of course rush to greet him but when he returns he is more morose and less sociable. He and Fred confide in each other, Reggie tells Fred he misses his girlfriend Jane, and Fred about him having trouble urinating fearing it to be Prostate cancer but it turns out to be a simple infection. When they get news about Jane, Violet is worried that Jane could be taking advantage of Reggie but it turns out she is a fellow resident and is just as sweet on him as he is on her. They then arrange for Jane to be Reggie's date at the ballroom of hope where the two dance under a mirror ball.

Series 9[]

Reggie's next visit to Poplar comes at Christmas. When he arrives he is disappointed not to find Fred who who was sent to the Outer Hebrides with the rest of the Nonnatus midwives on a mission to test out a potential branch house. Reggie becomes the man of the house but still misses Fred, Miss Higgins decides to help him break the record for the longest paper chain in the world and they get in the Guinness book of records.

In S09 E02 Reggie sends a mother’s day card to Violet thanking her for looking after him and Fred, especially Fred as he takes so much looking after to which Fred calls him a cheeky beggar. Reggie returns to visit Poplar once again and he and Fred meet a man named George Benson who lives with a lot of pigeons. Reggie takes a shine to these pigeons and George allows Reggie to hold his favourite pigeon, named Dot. Fred begins to worry that George has tuberculosis and gets Dr Turner involved, but thanks to doctor in training Kevin McNulty it is revealed that George has a disease called histoplasmosis. A disease caused by his pigeons. George must leave his pigeons but Reggie is allowed to take Dot back to his community.

Reggie returns for a summer visit, when he and Fred find out the annual horticulture show has been cancelled they decide to arrange it themselves. As Reggie is a gardener this proves to be his strong point, he suggests exhibition gardens, different places for different people. He and Fred get the midwives from Nonnatus House involved. In the end they make Violet proud for arranging a beautiful horticulture show, but Fred still doesn’t win anything.

Series 10[]

Reggie comes back for Christmas, he is appointed comic advisor at the newly opened Buckles newsagent. He is very excited when the circus comes to town, but he is more excited about the polar bear with it, Snowy who had actually died but everyone told him he had gone to spend Christmas at the North Pole. When a fire breaks out at the circus Reggie doesn’t panic and leads the two small boys of expectant mother Jaquetta Ellings to safety. As a reward for that Fred gets him beer or as he put it respect. Reggie carries on helping out at the circus where he finds a biscuit tin containing the ashes of the dead polar bear. Reggie is angry at the adults lying to him and he says he wants respect, and beer.

Reggie visits again in time for the 1966 world cup, Fred bets all his money on England losing but naturally England wins and Fred isn’t in the mood for joining the conga line to Reggie sits with him and asks how much money he would win but Fred says none. In S11 E07 a baby is born with downs syndrome, the same condition as Reggie and when the adoptive mother Sylvia Potts who is also the sister of the biological mother Blanche Dellow says she doesn’t want a child that she would have to put in a Home so the parents decide to keep the baby who is named Robert. The father Walter Dellow is scared about having a child who’s different, a child who in his day would only see when they went on outings from Homes. Walter goes to meet Reggie who says he looks too old to have a baby and asks if he would push the pram. Fred says men don’t push the pram but Reggie says he would. When Violet goes to visit the baby she says it feels like a piece of the puzzle is complete as she never knew Reggie until he was an adult, she also tells Blanche something she may never hear again, that she is a very lucky woman. Fred and Reggie then join the Dellows for a walk where Reggie pushes the pram to go and visit Violet.

Series 11[]

Reggie makes another Christmas visit to Poplar. He returns just in time for Lucille and Cyril's wedding, Fred was set to be best man to Cyril but when the man who was supposed to give Lucille away breaks his arm Fred is asked instead. This leaves Cyril with no best man, meanwhile Reggie was hoping for snow at Christmas but it seems like it’s not to be. But in the night the snow begins to fall and Reggie sneaks out to enjoy it. When out he meets Lucille and Cyril and he helps them build a snowman and has a snowball fight. Cyril decides to take the moment to ask Reggie to be his best man which he agrees to.

Reggie continues to make regular visits to Poplar and Nonnatus House, one visit comes around Easter and Reggie's birthday. Fred, Violet and he were going to watch the 1967 eurovision song contest. Unfortunately the TV won’t work and it looked like they couldn’t watch. Sister Julienne who at first writes it off as frivolous nonsense decides to invite them over to Nonnatus house to watch together. He visits again in S11 E04 when the blazing July weather was taking over Poplar. So Fred at his shop decides to sell ice lollies and makes a bet with Violet about selling them all, while they don’t sell any they do give them all away. Sister Monica Joan is especially grateful to them for this. Reggie returns to the community around halfway through the episode. Reggie’s next visit is soon met with disaster, in S11 E07 a train collision and derailment causes a massive explosion around Poplar with rubble flying everywhere and windows shattered to pieces. Violet finds Fred and Reggie uninjured but lots of people who are, Fred soon leaves to join the CDC and Reggie wants to go with him but Violet convinces him to stay with her. They meet with all of the other members of the team including Matthew Aylward, Miss Higgins, The Robinsons and Sister Monica Joan who all rush to help. However the rest of the group are unable to be there, two nurses where away, another two were delivering babies, and three members where on the train that collided. Soon the group begins to come together more but all Reggie and Violet can do is sit in the kitchen as they have no medical expertise.

Reggie is worried about Fred but Violet tells him the accident itself has happened, it’s over and Fred’s busy helping people as Fred was in little to no actual danger. Reggie wants to help people so they decide to make tea for everyone around them. The next day 5 people are confirmed dead from the crash, a journalist bursts into Violets shop and asks her questions about the gossip on the crash but Violet informs him he should focus on the heroics of ordinary people and not the rumours of the night and she recommends Reggie. Reggie is interviewed and ends up in the paper making Fred and Violet very proud.

Series 12[]

Reggie returns to Poplar for Christmas, in the aftermath of the train crash both he and Fred decide to organise a charity talent show. Reggie wanted to do more than just help out backstage, he wanted to play his guitar for which he was taking lessons for. On the night of the show however Reggie is nervous so Cindy Dalvert, a woman who he was friendly to in the shop agrees to return the favour and joins him on stage supporting him, he decides to give her the trophy in thanks.  

Reggie makes his usual summer visit to Poplar where he is put to work helping out in the shop. But Reggie isn’t his usual self-feeling very tired and sullen, he and Fred decide to go to his mother's grave and afterwards send a postcard to girlfriend Jane. According to Fred Reggie asked what his mother Ivy died of and Fred told him she was so tired she just stopped and went to heaven. Both Fred and Violet are worried and Reggie overhears Violet calling him lazy so he storms off. Reggie turns to Cyril and says he is afraid of dying like his mother, Cyril convinces him to see a doctor. Reggie is diagnosed with an underactive thyroid which could be treated with a pill. Violet and Fred apologise and agree that they can’t expect Reggie to be happy all the time, Reggie stays in Poplar for a while after that and then returns to his home through most of the year.  

Series 13[]

In S13E03, Fred accidently cuts his hand while trying to fix a lawnmower that Reggie was using. Fred's cut soon becomes infected and he starts convulsing violently. Fred tells Reggie to get help, and he races to Nonnatus House, returning with Trixie and pupil midwife Joyce Highland. Fred is rushed to hospital, and Violet, who had been planning to run for mayor of Tower Hamlets, is informed of Fred's condition and rushes to his side. Trixie informs her Fred has tetanus, also known as lockjaw, and Violet remembers a man in her street died from it when she was a child. When Reggie comes round, Fred tells him to look after Violet.

Fred is placed on a ventilator to help him breathe. Everybody fears the worst for him, and Violet comes to his bedside to tell him how much she loves him. Violet pulls out of the mayoral race, and fellow candidate, Bill Regan, comes into her haberdashery to gloat about him impending victory. After he leaves, Reggie calls him horrible, and persuades Violet to re-enter the race. She asks Sister Monica Joan to accompany Reggie to the hospital, and Sister Monica Joan agrees. When Reggie tells Sister Monica Joan that Fred gave his hand a squeeze, she doesn't believe it, but when she looks under the bedclothes, she sees Fred's foot move, and his eyes open. Violet is sworn in as mayor, and Fred makes a full recovery.



Ivy Jackson ~ Mother (1897 - 1962)

Fred Buckle ~ Second cousin

Violet Buckle~ Second cousin-in-law (who he now refers to her as mum)


Jane (girlfriend)

Cyril Robinson


  • In S11E01, it is revealed that Reggie's birthday falls on April 8th. (DOB 8th April 1941 or 1942)
  • Reggie was partially inspired by creator Heidi Thomas's brother David who also had Down syndrome but died young.


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