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Reverend Applebee-Thornton is a reverend who, after spending a long time in Sierra-Leone as a missionary, briefly stayed at Nonnatus House upon his return to the UK. He is portrayed by Jason Watkins.


The Reverend was inspired to visit Nonnatus House after meeting Chummy in Africa as part of her missionary work. He quickly made an impression as a man who, although perfectly pleasant and polite, never stopped talking. Later, he admits he knows this about himself, but explains to Jane that, as a child, in the silence in his home he could hear his parents' hatred for each other, so talked incessantly to fill it. Whilst at boarding school, he says because of his talkative nature, he never had many friends.

He was eager to accompany one of the midwives in their day's work, but this was met by extreme non-verbal reluctance from Jenny, Trixie and Cynthia due to his excessive chatter. After initially acquiescing to his request by letting him accompany her, Sister Julienne eventually paired him with the painfully shy and quiet auxiliary nurse, Jane.

Unlike the others, Jane seemed to enjoy his talkative manner - it was easier for her to spend time with him than most people as she didn't have to concentrate so hard on keeping up her side of the conversation. Their relationship soon blossomed into romance, and it seems that her relationship with the Reverend helped to build her confidence.