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Rita Leeks is the mother of Michael Leeks, both she and her husband think the world of their only son but when he confesses he is homosexual Rita has a very bad reaction, it is only when her son nearly died trying to change himself that Rita realised she needed to accept who her son was. She was played by Rebecca Lacey.


Rita is the mother of Michael Leeks who was 17 and left home to work as a bellboy at the Parthenon Hotel in the West End, one of the best hotels in London and all the most famous and powerful people went to stay there, Michael even once opened a car door for actress Sophia Loren. He was due to be making a visit home and she went too Buckle’s newsagents to get his favourite treats and comics. She showed Violet Buckle who had her Reggie on a visit home too a photo of him in his uniform, saying he was officially just a bellboy but was given a big pay rise. Rita was clearly ever so proud of Michael.  

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