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Roza Mphapane was a South African woman in the 2016 Christmas Special. She appeared to be expecting a baby, but was devastated to discover she had in fact experienced a phantom pregnancy. She was played by Sive Gubangxa.


Roza Mphapane is a patient at Hope Clinic, a tiny mission hospital in Apartheid-era South Africa. We first meet her when Dr. Turner is treating her for an infected cut in her hand. During a conversation with Trixie, Roza, who is expecting a baby, reveals she used to work as secretary in Cape Town. She happily says that it was the happiest two years of her life until laws were changed so people were required a pass to go to the city and work and stay there, but Roza reveals she never got one. Later on, Roza and another expectant mother, Constance, sit down to chat with the midwives while smoking. However the meeting is interrupted by two police officers who tell Roza and Constance they're not allowed to mix with while people under Apartheid laws, forcing the midwives to escort them back to their wards.

The next day when Sister Winifred goes to check on Constance, she finds Roza is gone, and Constance explains her mother came to take her home as the cut in her hand had healed. Some time later, Roza's mother comes looking for help, saying that her daughter's baby is on the way. Trixie and Barbara tend to Roza, but after a few minutes, Trixie pops outside, and when Barbara finds her trying to light a cigarette, she helps her light it and asks "There's no heartbeat, is there?". Trixie tells Barbara it's worse than that; there's no baby, meaning that Roza has experienced a phantom pregnancy. Trixie recalls only ever seeing one once years prior, but the experience has never left her. Barbara reveals the terrible truth to Roza, who is understandably devastated, and Barbara tries to comfort her, telling her she will find a reason to go on - it just won't be today.

Roza is not seen again until the end of the episode where she walks into the clinic, smartly dressed and with a typewriter under her arm. Smiling, she turns to Barbara and says "Once a secretary, always a secretary". In voiceover, Mature Jenny reveals that Roza was named clinic administrator which gave her dignity and purpose, and the hospital the chance to thrive.