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S02E02 is the second episode of Series 2 and the ninth episode overall of Call the Midwife. It originally aired on 27 January 2013 in the UK and 7 April 2013 in the USA.


While Chummy prepares for mission work in Sierra Leone, Cynthia loses faith in her abilities, and Jimmy walks back into Jenny's life.


Chummy and Peter dance together in their bedroom. At the end of the song, they discuss their upcoming mission trip as Chummy is leaving soon for her training. In the morning, Sister Bernadette wakes Cynthia, who had just had a late night at an emergency delivery, for Irene Kelly’s labour.

Cynthia is met at the Kelly house by Mrs. Cooke, Rene’s mother. Rene gives birth to a son, who Mrs. Cook wraps in Rene’s baby blanket, which was her own when she was born. Mrs. Cooke announces the birth to her husband and son-in-law, Patrick.  Patrick's father-in-law gives him a silver coin for luck. Mr. Cooke hands Cynthia a small glass of whisky to wet the baby’s head, which she takes a small sip from when the others drink.

During the morning roster, Chummy announces to the group her 6-month mission to Sierra Leone, Africa, and that she will be gone for the next two weeks to train. She tells them that the only reason she is brave enough is because of their friendship, and that she feels God is calling her there. Initially, the group is upset, especially Sister Evangelina, but they tell her it is because they love her and will miss her. Fred offers to be take charge of the Cubs until she returns.

Sister Monica Joan has been visiting her nephew frequently by taxi, but Sister Julienne tells her that they cannot afford the expense and asks her if she can get to Richmond another way. However, Sister Monica Joan is indignant because she doesn’t want to break the omnibus strike.

Jenny happens upon Jimmy while on her rounds and they discuss his new job in London as an architect.

Nurse Miller visits Rene on her rounds and is concerned when she realizes the baby is blue and not breathing. Frantically she attempts to revive him by performing CPR on the floor, but she is unsuccessful. She returns baby to his cot and comforts Rene until Dr. Turner and Sister Julienne arrive. Dr. Turner confirms that the baby has passed away and notifies Rene that there will be a post-mortem because of the nature of the death.  Sister Julienne says a blessing for the baby, who Mr. Kelly tells her was named Thomas. Sister Julienne takes Thomas away, and Mr. Kelly glares at Cynthia before leaving. Cynthia returns to Nonnatus house, Trixie and Jenny meet and console her. When Cynthia worries about the house calls she missed, Trixie assures her that they will cover them and Sister Evangelina orders hot chocolate, aspirin, and sleep for Cynthia. Sister Bernadette helps Dr. Turner with his inquiry and offers for him to eat with the others, but he declines, wanting to get a head start.

Peter receives a letter from the Sierra Leone police and goes to Fred to ask for his help. He has learned that he needs to pass a physical exam in order to transfer and while Fred jokes that it would make them stay, he helps Peter to exercise through various bizarre tasks.

Later that evening, Cynthia is interviewed by Peter for the enquiry and it is insinuated that she made a mistake or was drunk when delivering the baby. Jenny tells Trixie about her encounter with Jimmy, but the two cease their amusement when Cynthia returns from the interview and tells them that the police think it’s her fault.

Jenny meets again with Jimmy and they discuss Jimmy’s girlfriend, which he describes as a casual relationship. However, he still harbors some resentment about being spurned by Jenny.

Sister Julienne stops Sister Monica Joan from getting into a taxi and asks her to review her needs because they cannot afford the frequent fares. Sister Monica Joan is hurt by this and expresses that she feels increasingly unvalued and unimportant. Later, in an attempt to reconcile with Sister Monica Joan, Sister Julienne tells her that she has found enough funds to pay her taxi fare to visit her nephew, and reminds Sister Monica Joan that everyone in the order cares about her.

Cynthia is disheartened at clinic after a patient does not wish to see her because of the death of the Kelly baby. As the women are cleaning up at the end of clinic, a woman - Francine Spencer - enters and cites her work as a typist for her tardiness. Francine reveals that she’s not yet married, but is sure that the father of her baby will marry her and move to the country with her.

Sister Julienne asks Cynthia to attend a birth, but Cynthia is incredibly hesitant. Though she is able to help for some time, when the mother, April Lennon, makes a comment about the Kelly baby, unaware that Cynthia was the one who delivered him, Cynthia leaves, calls Nonnatus house to bring another midwife and leaves crying. Sister Julienne realizes that she sent Cynthia out too soon and sends Trixie to Mrs. Lennon in her place.

When Trixie returns from the delivery she asks where Cynthia is because she assumed that she had returned home, but everyone else assumed that Cynthia had waited for her. Realizing that Cynthia is missing, Sister Julienne asks the police to keep and eye out and Trixie and Jenny set off to find her. Jenny finds Cynthia sitting against a wall on a side road crying. Jenny reassures her that Mrs. Lennon’s delivery went well and talks with Cynthia about her fears.

Chummy surprises Peter by returning early and discovers that he needs to pass a physical exam and asks why he didn’t share this with her before she left. He is angry because he doesn’t want to let her down by failing and she tells him that she feels selfish for not considering his role in the mission. They console each other and reconcile.

Dr. Turner gives Cynthia and Sister Julienne the results of the post-mortem. Before she opens the envelope, he asks Cynthia if she believes that she had any fault in the death because of the value of instinct in her profession. Cynthia says that she did everything she could and should have done and before she opens the envelope, Sister Julienne tells her that she believes her to be a wonderful midwife. Cynthia reads the results and Dr. Turner tells her that there is no fault in Thomas’s death. The death was caused by atelectasis - the baby’s lungs never fully expanded - and there was nothing that could be done. Cynthia visits Rene and they discuss the baby. Rene is putting away the baby’s things and she says that the saying “What the eye don’t see, the heart don’t grieve for” is a big, fat lie.

Later in the garden with Sister Julienne and Sister Monica Joan, Cynthia expresses dismay that the Kelly’s have no funds for a funeral for Thomas. Sister Monica Joan offers that Nonnatus House pay for the funeral because they are part of the community so it cannot be charity.  When Sister Julienne tells her they cannot afford it, Sister Monica Joan offers to put her taxi fund towards the funeral and that she will ask her nephew to visit her at Nonnatus.

While on her rounds, Jenny encounters Francine who announces her engagement. Francine then introduces her fiancé, who is revealed to be Jimmy. Later, Jenny meets with Jimmy in the garden and she asks him if he loves Francine. He says that it doesn’t make a difference, but Jenny is worried about Francine’s feelings. They argue again about Jimmy’s confession to Jenny.  

At Thomas’s funeral, Rene tucks her family’s baby blanket into his coffin and prays for God to keep him warm until she can.

We find out that Peter passed his physical exam, and the Cubs sing Peter and Chummy’s favourite song as a farewell to them. The episode ends with Cynthia confidently answering the phone and the nuns and midwives saying goodbye to the couple.

Main Characters[]


Camilla "Chummy" Noakes (final appearance; until S02E07)
Cynthia Miller
Jenny Lee
Trixie Franklin


Sister Bernadette
Sister Evangelina
Sister Julienne
Sister Monica Joan


Fred Buckle
Patrick Turner
Peter Noakes (final appearance; until S02E07)

Guest Characters[]


April Lennon
Francine Spencer (first appearance)
Irene Kelly


Conor Kelly
Pat Kelly
Jimmy Wilson
Sheila Cooke
Timothy Turner

Songs featured[]

My Special Angel - Written by Jimmy Duncan and sung by Bobby Helms, 1957[1]


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"In return for our care they gave us the most precious gift they could. Their trust."

-Mature Jenny

"Is there anything else I can get you, Dr. Turner?"

"Some of your faith, perhaps? It's at times like this I wish I had one."

"It's at times like this I wish it made a difference."

-Exchange between Sister Bernadette and Dr. Turner


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