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S02E07 is the seventh episode of Series 2 and the 14th episode overall of Call the Midwife. It originally aired on 3 March 2013 in the UK and 12 May 2013 in the USA.


Chummy and Peter return to Poplar, and Chummy is pregnant. Fred and Sister Evangelina try out a new scooter. Jenny tends to Monique Hyde, a Jamaican immigrant who struggles to deal with racial abuse from her neighbours even as she goes into labour, while Cynthia deals with a diabetic pub owner who bullies his wife. And Sister Bernadette comes to a decision about her feelings for Dr. Turner.


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Jenny Lee
Trixie Franklin
Camilla "Chummy" Noakes
Cynthia Miller


Sister Julienne

Sister Monica Joan

Sister Bernadette

Sister Evangelina


Frederick Buckle
Patrick Turner
Peter Noakes

Guest Cast[]


Monique Hyde
John Lacey


Jane Sutton
Mrs. Lacey
Mrs. Bailey

Songs featured[]

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Major Events[]

  • Fred buys a moped for Nonnatus House
  • Chummy and Peter return to Poplar.


Mrs. Lacey: "But John, the Sisters coming".

Mr. Lacey: "What bloody Sister? (Sees Sister Evangelina arrive with Cynthia) Who the hell are you?".

Sister Evangelina: The bloody Sister!".

Cynthia: You are having slop to keep you alive. And you are having slop on my instructions, so if you want to bully someone, bully me!

Mr. Lacey: A man can't live on baby food!

Cynthia: He can if he behaves like one!

- Cynthia defending Mrs. Lacey from her bullying husband who is having a tantrum.

Chummy: "One can't turn one's back for a moment. Whatever next, nuns on skis?".

- Chummy after she and Peter return from Sierra Leone to find Trixie riding a scooter.


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