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S02E08 is the eighth and last episode of Series 2 and the 15th episode overall of Call the Midwife. It originally aired on 10 March 2013 in the UK and 19 May 2013 in the USA.


Change is in the air for the residents of Nonnatus House, as Chummy prepares for motherhood and Sister Bernadette tries to decide on her future


As Chummy and Peter prepare to become parents, Fred has a visit from his daughter Dolly, who also has a baby on the way. Meanwhile, Sister Bernadette faces her own difficult crossroads; to the delight of her friends, particularly Dr Turner, her health crisis has passed and she will soon be free to leave the sanatorium. She must now decide whether her future lies within or outside the walls of Nonnatus House.

Jimmy reappears, accompanied by his handsome colleague Alec, having been tasked by the council to survey the buildings in the area. Alec seems quite keen on Jenny, and an evening out to a jazz club sees romance blossom. As Chummy goes into labour, the winds of change are blowing through Poplar and the Nonnatus House community must stand together to face the challenges of the future.






Alec Jesmond (first appearance)
Patrick Turner
Timothy Turner
James Wilson (final appearance)
Frederick Buckle
Peter Noakes
Freddie Noakes (first appearance)
Jane Sutton (final appearance)

Songs featured[]

'Catch a Falling Star' - Perry Como

'Wonderful! Wonderful!' - Johnny Mathis


  • This episode includes the first appearance of Alec Jesmond.
  • This episode includes the last appearances of James Wilson and Jane Sutton.
  • Sister Bernadette officially leaves the Order and reverts to her birth name Shelagh. We also learn that Dr. Turner's first name is Patrick.
  • The poem that Sister Monica Joan recites at the table when everyone is discussing Sister Bernadette is Heaven-Haven by Gerard Manley Hopkins. She recites it again in S05E08
  • The origami frogs Patrick Turner teaches the cubs were written into the show because of Stephen McGann's real talent for them. After filming Max Macmillan took one home as a present from McGann.
  • The scene on the road was meant to be filmed on a sunny day but the fog got in the way, but Stephen McGann and Laura Main say the change was for the better adding to the magic of the scene.


"Sister Evangelina: I remember when she took her first vows, chose her religious name. I thought she'd had her head turned by that film. We had a lot of that in the 40's. Young girls would come here and you'd wonder what brought them. Was it the Lord, the war, or The Song of Bernadette? (laughs)
Sister Julienne: At least they came. New vocations are dwindling by the year.
- Sister Evangelina to Sister Julienne taking about Shelagh when she first joined the order
"Peter: Is there any news?
Sister Evangelina: It's a baby, not a lubricated penguin. They don't come sliding out to order.
- Sister Evangelina to Peter during Chummy's labour.


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