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S03E05 is the fifth episode of the third series and the 21st episode overall of Call the Midwife. It originally aired on 16 February 2014 in the UK.


With Jenny currently away to grieve for boyfriend Alec, Nonnatus House is short-staffed. When Sister Julienne collapses from exhaustion, she asks Shelagh to run things for her while she spends a fortnight recuperating at the Motherhouse. Shelagh agrees and engages a new permanent midwife, Patience Mount. Also everyone is preparing a party to celebrate Sister Evangelina's jubilee, the anniversary of her taking her religious vows, but as a result a face from her past resurfaces, to her dismay.

Nurses Cynthia and Chummy deliver a baby conceived by two residents of St. Gideon's Home; Jacob, who has cerebral palsy, and Sally, who has Down syndrome. The baby is early and stillborn. The episode explored the lives of and attitudes towards people with disabilities in the 1950s; in particular their sexuality and ability to consent to sexual behaviour.


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Songs featured[]

  • Never Do a Tango With An Eskimo by Alma Cogan[1]


  • Sister Evangelina's birth name is revealed to be Enid.
  • Sister Evangelina reveals she delivered Timothy Turner.
  • Originally just a guest character in the second series, Patience Mount joins Nonnatus House as a permanent midwife.
  • Jenny Lee appears, albeit briefly, at the start of this episode.
  • Miranda Hart who played Chummy named the Jacob and Sally storyline her favourite throughout the whole show.


Patsy: (Looking at a picture of a Banana Coronet in a cookbook) It looks a bit like Stonehenge, only made of penises. (Everyone looks at her) Sorry! Three years on Male Surgical have rather made their mark.

Sister Winifred: Clearly.

- Patsy puts her foot in her mouth whilst everyone's discussing the arrangements for Sister Evangelina's jubilee.

Sister Evangelina: I hated the life he chose. And he hated the life I chose. He used to say "Why, Enid? Why? You're throwing your life away". The irony of it is... He was the first baby I saw being born. And it was his first cry that decided it for me.

- Sister Evangelina talking to Constable Noakes about her brother Vincent.


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