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S05E07 is the seventh episode of the fifth series and the 41st episode overall of Call the Midwife. It originally aired on 28 February 2016 in the UK.


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Patsy assists Daisy and her family of itinerant barge-dwellers, who eschew many of the trappings of modern society. When Daisy rejects the opportunity to give birth at the maternity home after accusing Patsy of meddling, Patsy must deliver the baby on a barge at the height of a violent storm. The advent of the release of the contraceptive pill causes a dilemma for Sister Julienne, who worries about the moral implications. A young man who was compelled to marry his girlfriend when she became pregnant and is distant from her comes into his own as a husband and father when his wife is stricken with a potentially fatal condition. Sister Evangelina returns to the convent but reveals that she has suffered a stroke.





Gina Matlin
Daisy Blacker


Songs featured[]

  • Teach Me Tiger by April Stevens
  • My Heart Belongs to Only You by Jackie Wilson
  • I Can't Tell a Waltz From a Tango by Alma Cogan
  • I Love How You Love Me by The Paris Sisters


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Phyllis: I'd be careful if I were you, Nurse Mount. It may be October, but there's plenty of flies still looking for a home.

- Phyllis after she catches Patsy yawning.

Patsy: So that's Peggy May, Rose Willow, Golden Maid, Sweet Alice, and Dora Deane. Sounds like a line-up of chorus girls.

- Patsy talking to Sister Winifred about the names of the barges they're passing.


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