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S06E03 is the third episode of the sixth series and the 46th episode overall of Call the Midwife. It originally aired on February 5th, 2017 in the UK.


Sister Ursula imposes a 20-minute appointment system of all post-natal, anti-natal, and district calls in an attempt to cut out inefficiency. Phyllis complains to Sister Julienne, who explains that Sister Ursula's methods stem from her past experiences with the inefficient running of establishments. Proposed government reforms to the way maternity care is provided mean that Dr Turner and Shelagh must prepare for an inspection of the maternity home and face the prospect of its closure. During the inspection, Shelagh is rushed to the hospital due to complications with her own pregnancy. Barbara tries to support expectant mother Lucy Chen against her fearsome, tradition bound Chinese mother-in-law. Lucy gives birth to a baby girl, but under pressure from Sister Ursula's new edict, Barbara becomes distracted by the time limit and fails to notice the newborn is suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. When the baby is hospitalized, Phyllis gives Sister Ursula a lot to reflect on. Also, Sister Monica Joan keeps going for walks, and Trixie returns from South Africa.


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Lucy Chen


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Sister Ursula: I failed in my last mission, and that is a fact. I failed the Order and I failed him. In Nonnatus House, I saw... a second chance. I told myself I was making a gift of myself to the Order. A gift of all the lessons I had learned so that it would not suffer any more losses. But it was vanity, pure and simple. And now I've failed again.

- A guilt-ridden Sister Ursula after realizing that she has endangered a newborn baby's life.


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