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S06E04 is the fourth episode of the sixth series and the 47th episode overall of Call the Midwife. It originally aired on February 12th, 2017 in the UK.


Sister Julienne receives funding to engage a new District Midwife, but the search hits a dead end when none of the candidates she and Nurse Crane interview turn out to be suitable, but then Sister Julienne remembers Valerie Dyer, the former army nurse who had helped Shelagh following the explosion on the docks. Meanwhile, the team tries to help Marnie Wallace, a mother pregnant with her third child who has just been abandoned by her husband, leaving her with huge debts, and the cash-strapped mother is considering giving the baby to her barren, wealthier cousin Dot and her husband in exchange for financial aid. Meanwhile, Shelagh is in hospital on bedrest because of a threatened miscarriage, and she befriends Gloria Venables, another expectant mother on bedrest for the same reason.


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  • In this episode, Tom reveals he was adopted when he was two months old.


Tom: Adoption is always a very delicate and complicated issue. I was adopted myself when I was two months old.

Sister Julienne: Well, I'm sure that will make you much more sensitive to Mrs. Wallace's situation.

Tom: I hope so. I don't know what happened when I was born, but my adoptive parents were wonderful. And I've never doubted that my mother did her best for me.

Phyllis: And we'll do our best for this poor mother. Every care taken, and no questions asked.


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