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S06E05 is the fifth episode of the sixth series and the 48th episode overall of Call the Midwife. It originally aired on February 19th, 2017 in the UK.


Valerie Dyer joins the team at Nonnatus House. Fred's cousin dies, leaving behind a son, Reggie, who has Down's Syndrome. He and Violet take him in, but they soon realize Reggie needs more care than they can provide, so Fred, accompanied by Sister Monica Joan, goes to assess Linchmere Hospital as a possible home for Reggie, but while there, Sister Joan makes a discovery which shakes her to her core. Meanwhile, Trixie finds herself caring for an expectant mother with badly decayed teeth, and she also meets a charming dentist, Christopher Dockerill.


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Songs featured[]

When My Little Girl Is Smiling by The Drifters



Bringing up children is not simple. From the moment the midwife cuts the cord, a mother's task is to nurture and cherish, to shelter and protect. Even as she does so, she must teach the child to leave her, train it to let go of her hand, first to walk unaided, and then to walk away. But there is a cord that nothing can sever, the invisible bond that ties the mother to her infant, which endures when the child is a child no more.

- Mature Jenny's opening narration

Sister Monica Joan: I find two opinions are always better than one. Particularly if one is mine

- Sister Monica Joan going with Fred to assess Linchmere Hospital as a potential new home for Reggie.

Sister Monica Joan: We must muster our cohorts. We must instruct our troops. An innocent is in danger, and one of our own is immured in a place of torment!

- A devastated Sister Monica Joan after finding Sister Mary Cynthia at the bleak and austere Linchmere Hospital.

Christopher: Ready for the grand unveiling?

Trixie: You may have to imagine the fanfare and the roll of drums.

- Christopher and Trixie talking to Crystal after she's had her new dentures fitted.


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