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S06E08 is the eighth and last episode of the sixth series and the 51st episode overall of Call the Midwife. It originally aired on March 12th, 2017 in the UK.


Barbara receives a letter from her father who says he's going to be posted to New Guinea for three years. Having always wanted her father to be the one who married her, Barbara doesn't want to have to wait three years before walking down the aisle, so she and Tom agree to bring the date for the wedding forward so that Barbara's father can marry them before his departure. Meanwhile, a mother who has been taking the contraceptive pill without her husband's knowledge develops a pulmonary embolism and later dies, sparking concerns over the safety of the medication. Trixie agrees to meet Christopher's daughter. Also, Shelagh goes into labour and, with the help of Patrick and Sister Julienne, she gives birth to a baby boy. At the end of the episode, Patsy returns from Hong Kong and pledges her love for Delia.


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Songs featured[]

  • Bobby's Girl by Susan Maughan
  • Secret Love - Doris Day (Sung by Laura Main and Stephen McGann)
  • Once Upon a Dream by Billy Fury



Sister Julienne: Nurse Gilbert said she'd given you the "Breathe Your Way to Serenity" leaflet.

Shelagh: I made a list of things to do on it.

Sister Julienne: (laughs) You never could sit still. Even when you first came to us as a postulant.

Shelagh: God seemed to be asking so many things of me. I tried to do them all, even when I wasn't sure I was succeeding.

- Sister Julienne checking in on Shelagh before she goes into labour.

Shelagh: I can't believe I used to dream of this! It's like a nightmare!

- Shelagh during her labour.


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