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S08E01 is the first episode of the eighth series of Call the Midwife. It originally aired on 13 January 2019 in the UK.


Two new nuns, Sister Hilda and Sister Frances, join the ranks of Nonnatus House. Also an aspiring model named Cath Hindman undergoes an abortion, then illegal in the United Kingdom, and soon becomes very ill, leading to her sister Lesley to bring her to Nonnatus House. The midwives are given new bags while Fred burns the old ones, but this causes Sister Monica Joan a lot of distress.


It's all change at Nonnatus House as the midwives are given new bags, and there's also some new additions to the team as Mother Mildred assigns two new Sisters to work at Nonnatus: Sister Hilda, and the recently qualified Sister Frances. Fred burns the midwives old bags on his allotment, much to the dismay of Sister Monica Joan, who believes the old bags are still needed. When Fred returns from getting his dinner, the last bag is gone!

After Sister Frances reports Sister Monica Joan missing, the midwives realize she must have gone off with the bag thinking she was on her way to work, and Lucille, Valerie, and Fred split up to search for her. Valerie eventually finds her at the now derelict Elfrida Hospital, and takes her back to Nonnatus House. Soon after, Valerie and Sister Frances are alerted by the doorbell and a frantic pounding on the door. They open the door to Lesley Whyte, a new mother whose baby was recently delivered by Lucille, and her sister Cath, and Lesley says Cath is having a miscarriage as a result of a back-street abortion.

Valerie, Sister Frances, and Lesley help Cath up to the upstairs bathroom. After Cath passes the foetus, Sister Julienne goes with her to the hospital where Cath has an emergency hysterectomy. Afraid to report the abortionist to the police, Cath discharges herself from hospital as soon as she's able to walk and announces she's moving up West.

Trixie's latest patient is mother of twin boys, Margaret Lombardi. When she goes into labour, the situation becomes very difficult. Margaret eventually gives birth to triplets, all girls. Trixie later goes down the Black Sail to give Margaret's husband Clark the good news, then later takes him up the hospital and introduces him to the third of the triplets who experienced foetal distress after birth but will thrive.



Beatrix Franklin
Phyllis Crane
Valerie Dyer
Lucille Anderson



Cath Hindman
Lesley Whyte
Margaret Lombardi


Frederick Buckle
Violet Buckle
Patrick Turner
Shelagh Turner
Aubrey Woolf
Millicent Higgins
Aunt Flo
Clark Lombardi

Songs featured[]

I Like It by Gerry and the Pacemakers


Phyllis: Sister, we've lived cheek by jowl long enough for me to know when you're putting on a show to beat Sarah Bernhardt and when you're truly unwell. It'll be Doctor Turner for you if we can't head this off at the pass.

Sister Monica Joan: I receive it, only to indulge you.

- Phyllis trying to get Sister Monica Joan to take cough medicine, which she ultimately does.

Phyllis: I've no objection to Sister Hilda. She seems to be a very cultivated lady and I can't fault her qualifications, but Sister Frances is as green as grass.

Sister Julienne: Mother Mildred was anxious that she should gain experience.

Phyllis: And why should that be at our expense? She can't go out unsupervised until further notice. She's a dead leg, not an extra pair of hands!

- Phyllis and Sister Julienne discussing the inexperienced Sister Frances.

Trixie: Did you get lost on your way home from the clinic, Sister Hilda?

Sister Hilda: Not remotely! I did decide to take in some of my favourite sights from my time in the East End during the Blitz. But quite a lot of the landmarks had vanished.

Valerie: I think you'll find the Blitz had that effect.

- Trixie, Sister Hilda, and Valerie after Sister Hilda is late returning from clinic.

Valerie: I'm sorry. I should've shielded you

Sister Frances: Why? I came here to do God's work. I knew it might be hard.

Valerie: If this is God's work, I'm surprised you want anything to do with him.

- Valerie and Sister Frances discussing the abortion case.

Lesley: My sister is not the one at fault, Nurse. She's not the one that committed the crime. And she shouldn't be the one that's terrified of the police.

Lucille: You calm yourself now, Lesley. What's done is done. You have a new baby that needs your love, your care, and your full attention. You put everything else out of your mind.

Lesley: (shaking her head) What I saw in that bathroom will stay in my mind forever.

- Lucille trying to comfort Lesley after Cath's abortion.