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A friend of Trixie's finds herself in an impossible situation, while Sister Julienne endeavors to mend a fractured-mother daughter relationship.


Trixie's friend Jeannie, who has recently given birth to her second child, is disappointed to discover she is pregnant again. She asks Dr. Turner to refer her for a termination, but Patrick tells her his hands are tied as he cannot refer her for a termination unless her life is in real danger. Jeannie is upset by this, but her husband Frank insists they will manage. However, Jeannie is convinced she'll go mad if she has the baby, remembering it happened to her mother, so while Frank isn't looking, Jeannie takes £7 from their little pot on the mantlepiece and goes for a backstreet abortion. When Trixie's hairdryer dies on her, she takes it to Jeannie's shop to get it fixed. While there, she notices Jeannie's looking unwell, but she insists she's fine. However, Jeannie's condition continues to worsen as the day goes on.

Meanwhile, Sister Julienne tries to mend the strained relationship between Enid Wilson and her daughter Cilla. Mother and daughter are both heavily pregnant, and Enid isn't overly keen on Cilla's Indian husband Pardeep. When Cilla goes into labour, she starts complaining of a headache and blurred vision. Dr. Turner examines her and determines she has toxaemia. When he breaks the news to Pardeep and Enid, it comes as a terrible shock for Enid, who recalls she suffered with the condition when she was having Cilla and almost died. Cilla is successfully delivered of a son, and Enid is relieved to hear Cilla will be okay. She later tells Sister Julienne she felt so guilty about Cilla being left all alone the night she was born.

Realizing something is very wrong, Frank telephones the surgery. Patrick rushes to the Tennants home and calls an ambulance. He accompanies Jeannie, but she sadly dies en route to the hospital, leaving Frank to raise their two sons by himself. Patrick is racked with guilt over his failure to save Jeannie, and Shelagh assures him he did all he could. Enid and Cilla reconcile, and soon after, Enid goes into labour and gives birth to a baby girl.



Beatrix Franklin
Valerie Dyer
Lucille Anderson
Phyllis Crane


Sister Julienne
Sister Monica Joan
Sister Hilda
Sister Frances


Jeannie Tennant
Cilla Singh
Enid Wilson


Patrick Turner
Shelagh Turner
Timothy Turner
Angela Turner
May Tang
Pardeep Singh
Frederick Buckle
Frank Tennant
Miss Higgins
Charlie Wilson

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Shelagh: Do you suppose we'll be rolling out barbed wire between the beds?

Sister Julienne: If they keep ignoring each other, there won't be any need.

Shelagh and Sister Julienne referring to Enid Wilson and her estranged daughter Cilla Singh.

Trixie: I only bought this five years ago when I had the Jean Seberg pixie cut.

Valerie: Jean Seberg could dry her hair by sticking her head out of the window of a bus.

- After Trixie's hairdryer stops working.

Enid: Cilla was left on her own the night she was born. Can't tell how guilty I felt about that.

Sister Julienne: Wasn't your fault. You were very ill.

Enid: She was on her own again tonight. I weren't ill this time. I was just stubborn.

- Enid telling Sister Julienne of her regrets.

Sister Frances: Do you suppose she went to the same abortionist as Cath Hindman? Both of them seem to have caught streptococcus infections.

Valerie: Sister Frances, I don't care who poor Jeannie went to. I'd just like to get my hands round the filthy woman's neck and wring it!

- Sister Frances and Valerie discussing Jeannie's tragic death.

Trixie: Jeannie was unhappy. Jeannie was frightened. Jeannie did not want to have a baby. And I can also tell you that we see this all the time. Young, young girls. Exhausted older women. Mothers who don't know where their next penny or their next beating's coming from! And others who want to take control of their bodies and their lives! And all we can do is pat them on the hand and say "You'll manage, everybody does". But not everybody does! Not everybody believes us. I'm so sorry, I can't help you. But I'm even more sorry that I couldn't help her.

- A tearful Trixie talking to Sergeant Woolf about Jeannie.

Enid: You think he'd be used to the sight of things coming out of tunnels.

- Enid after her husband tells Sister Julienne he doesn't want to see their baby being born.

Enid: Does this mean this one's been born an aunt? I can't head nor tail of it.

- Enid following the birth of her baby.