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S10E02 is the second episode of Series 10 and the 81st episode overall of Call the Midwife. It originally aired of April 25th, 2021.


Sister Frances finds herself in a tricky situation when a pregnant woman confides in her. Cyril helps a family find shelter after they are evicted from their home. Sister Julienne's new venture hits a stumbling block.


The nation is in shock as Moors Murderers go on trial and the horrific details of their crimes come to light. During these dark times, Cyril comes to the aid of a family who've recently been evicted from their home.

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Phyllis Crane
Beatrix Franklin
Lucille Anderson


Sister Julienne
Sister Monica Joan
Sister Frances
Sister Hilda


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Patrick Turner
Shelagh Turner
Frederick Buckle
Violet Buckle
Cyril Robinson
Matthew Aylward
Fiona Aylward
Millicent Higgins


In the Spring of 1966... the ground did not feel entirely firm beneath our feet. We were shaken by new revelations and stirred by ancient fears. The modern world brought uncertainty, and our troubles did not always vanish when we turned to face them.

- Mature Jenny's opening narration.

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