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Saint Gideon's was an institution that was first mentioned in series 2, episode 3

However, one of the midwives asked Mrs Peacock about the patients. As the three women were walking the corridor they met one of the patients Jacob who asked them if they would stay for tea he started flirting with one of the midwives then Mrs Peacock joked with him

Events of Series 2, Episode 4[]

Douglas drove Ruby the midwife and thee baby to Saint Gideon's Douglas and the midwife got out however Ruby stayed in the van Douglas said we're keeping him then, then ruby said she couldn't and put Douglas's hand on her chest the Douglas and the midwife met Jacob who commented on Douglas's appearance when Douglas Mrs Peacock and looked at Jacob and asked what happened to him (referring to his Cerebral Palsy) in which Mrs Peacock replied he was born that way Douglas asked Jacob what's it like to live here.

Events of Series 3, Episode 5[]

Saint Gideons is holding a founders day dance, a lot of the clothes were donated by the nurses at Nonnatus House. Miss Molyneux and Jacob who despite being a patient is given more senior tasks ay the clothes out. On the dance itself Cynthia and her girl brigade help out with refreshments though Cheryl Torpy doesn’t like being around the residents. Mrs Harper, the mother of resident Sally Harper goes to visit her daughter, she is told that she is allowed upstairs as the strict rules are being relaxed. When upstairs Sally is found to be pregnant and despite her kicking and screaming is taken home, the midwives of Nonnatus and Dr Turner are confused and hold Saint Gideons to account for allowing Sally to be molested in their words. The father of the unborn baby turns out to be Jacob. Jacob is chastised by Sally's family and the head of St. Gideons as having abused Sally; although the sex was consensual, the attitudes at the time towards the disabled and their sexuality were still uninformed. Sally goes into premature labour and the baby is stillborn. Sally returns to Saint Gideons, and the board agrees to move Jacob without his consent to a male only Scottish institution called St Mungo’s. Before he goes he leaves Sally the cardigan she wore at the dance with the words “love from Jacob”.

Events after Series 3[]

Saint Gideons is mentioned as being closed down in passing by Shelagh Turner when discussing a home for Reggie Jackson. It is unknown why, though the Sally and Jacob pregnancy may have scandalised the home. It is also unknown what happened to the residents or where they went on to live after the buildings closure.


  • Mrs Peacock - Manager (formerly)
  • Miss Molyneux - Manager (formerly)

Former Patients[]


  • None-closed down