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Sarah Pilkington is the newborn illegitimate daughter of Elaine Pilkington as a result of an affair with an unnamed boy.


Sarah is born in the Maternity Home with Lucille Anderson being the midwife, it is uncovered that Sarah is in fact Elaine’s 2nd child, her brother Benjamin was given up for adoption after her seemingly respectable grandparents tricked her mother into believing they were taking him to the doctor, when really they were giving him up for adoption, her devastated mother became severely depressed and determined to get pregnant again, fortunately she was successful, but history repeated itself and Sarah’s father left her mother. Elaine however wasn’t miserable as she had said she would’ve gone to the end of the earth for Benjamin’s father, who also had abandoned her mother, not caring about the baby.

Unfortunately Sarah’s grandparents refused to even look at her when she was born and even went so far to say that she was not their Granddaughter and disowning both her and her mother, leaving them at the maternity home, Elaine refused to give Sarah up for adoption despite this and decided to take up a career as a typist in order to support her daughter.

Elaine and Sarah are last seen leaving the maternity home with Sarah in her pram, ready to begin their new life together.