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Series 10 is the tenth series of call the midwife. It ran from 18 April to 30 May 2021 on the BBC in the UK. Heidi Thomas returns to write and produce alongside Pippa Harris and Annie Tricklebank.


Series 10 takes the story into 1966 but things are very precarious in Poplar at that moment. At the end of the last series Nonnatus House barely escaped the axe and Sister Julienne is determined to make sure the order can carry on work she still sees as vital in Poplar, her solution to the problem is by partnering with a prestigious private clinic the Lady Emily which would pay generously so they could keep their practice open. At first everything looked set to go but the clinic is revealed to be carrying out illegal abortions and the partnership is terminated putting the future of Nonnatus House in the balance. Back in Poplar the midwives continue to contend with illnesses like PKU, mental health problems and the effects of radiation sickness on babies, special spotlight is also given to homosexuality and abortion on the eve of new legislation being passed. Historical events like the 1966 world cup and the Moors murders trials are also touched upon.

Trixie lady emily

 The main cast faces personal troubles, Valerie Dyer departs for South Africa to work at Hope Clinic after the heartbreak of losing her grandmother. Sister Monica Joan also faces a crisis of faith that makes her wonder if her 60 years in the service of God was all wasted, it is only when she witnesses the birth of a baby that her darkness dies. It is not only sadness at Nonnatus as Cyril and Lucille after a long courtship get engaged and plan a wedding for Christmas time. For Trixie Franklin after some time of being single she meets Matthew Aylward at the Lady Emily, she nursed his wife when dying of Leukaemia and become friends with each other however it is too early to see if the friendship might develop into something more. Fred Buckle also expands is prowess by opening up a shop called Buckle’s newsagents.  

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The solution to the problems facing Nonnatus House comes when Nurse Shelagh Turner recommends a midwife training program to cover the extra costs imposed by the council, among these new midwives is chatty Irish midwife Nancy Corrigan who lives in at Nonnatus House, she reveals herself to be a unmarried mother with a daughter Colette, after going missing she is allowed to resume her training. Matthew Aylward agrees to pledge £1000 to support Nonnatus securing their future in Poplar.  


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Series 10 (2021)[]

No.overall Episode Directed by Written by Original air date UK viewers


79 Christmas Special Syd Macartney Heidi Thomas 25 December 2020 8.19
Valerie has left Nonnatus House to work at Hope Clinic in South Africa. A circus is in town and the proprietor's daughter is heavily pregnant; the proprietor himself has been concealing from her that he has been battling cancer. Shelagh encounters an old acquaintance who has experienced seven miscarriages and is reluctant to make proper preparations for her upcoming birth. At her godmother's insistence, Trixie joins a "marriage bureau" but experiences unsatisfactory results. Sister Monica Joan breaks her leg in a fall and faces the prospect of spending weeks in hospital, but Lucille is insistent that she must be home for Christmas.
80 Episode 1 Ann Tricklebank Heidi Thomas 18 April 2021 8.83
The year is now 1966. Trixie is seconded to the Lady Emily Clinic, a private facility in the exclusive Mayfair area of London, in preparation for Nonnatus House forming a working partnership with the clinic which it is hoped will solve the convent's financial problems. Dr Turner, a firm advocate of free treatment through the National Health Service, is strongly opposed to the proposal. The birth of a baby with no legs below the knee prompts fresh concerns about the drug thalidomide, but Dr Turner soon discovers that the father was exposed to radiation from nuclear tests while serving with the armed forces. As she continues her rehabilitation, Sister Monica Joan suffers a crisis of faith.
81 Episode 2 David O'Neill Jonathan Harvey 25 April 2021 8.48
Trixie befriends Fiona, a patient at the Lady Emily Clinic, but learns that the new mother has severe leukemia; Fiona dies shortly afterwards. Trixie is also shocked to find that abortions, still illegal at the time, are being carried out at the clinic, leading Sister Julienne to abandon plans for the partnership between the two organisations despite its potential impact on the convent's finances. Lucille and Cyril help a family who have been made homeless. Sister Frances worries that, having been a nun since the age of 17, she is too unworldly to truly understand patients' issues. Her influence, however, causes a husband to stand by his wife even though she has had a baby by another man.
82 Episode 3 David O'Neill Debbie O'Malley 2 May 2021 8.43
Dr Turner deals with a young woman who claims she is pregnant, although tests show otherwise. She continues to claim a varying range of symptoms, which confuse Dr Turner and Sister Hilda, but is ultimately diagnosed with a psychological condition prompting her to seek medical attention she does not require. After reading a medical paper, Lucille identifies that a patient has developed the little-understood condition of latent diabetes. Shelagh proposes establishing Nonnatus House as a training centre for pupil midwives, which would bring with it increased funding.
83 Episode 4 Noreen Kershaw Heidi Thomas 9 May 2021 8.06
The pupil midwives begin their studies, including the excitable Nancy Corrigan, who is to live at Nonnatus House; on her first day of rounds her manner unsettles a patient so much that she opts for a hospital birth instead of a home delivery. Ultimately, however, Nancy proves her skills when she must take charge of the birth when the patient is unable to make it to hospital. Dr Turner and Phyllis deal with a patient who is tormented by his own homosexuality. After revealing his secret to his parents, he is rejected by them and checks into a clinic which claims to be able to cure homosexuality, where Dr Turner discovers him being subjected to harsh aversion therapy. Poplar is gripped by enthusiasm for the football World Cup; Fred misses out on a huge accumulator bet win when England win the final. Trixie attends the christening of the son of Fiona Aylward, the patient who died earlier in the year. Cyril proposes to Lucille.
84 Episode 5 Noreen Kershaw Joe Ainsworth 16 May 2021 8.09
Dr Turner is concerned by the lack of development exhibited by an expectant mother's older child. A chance remark by Shelagh enables him to diagnose the very rare condition phenylketonuria. Nancy crosses swords with the controlling mother of a teenage patient, whose baby is taken away for adoption very soon after his birth, contrary to what she was expecting. Trixie spends more time with Matthew Aylward and his son. Dr Turner's son Tim gains entry to medical school at Edinburgh University, planning to follow in his father's footsteps.
85 Episode 6 Afia Nkrumah Andrea Gibb 23 May 2021 8.00
Sister Frances launches an initiative to engage more closely with the women of Poplar's Indian community, many of whom refuse to use the services of a midwife. One such patient, Mrs Gupta, is still traumatised by her experiences of violence during the partition of India. Trixie encounters Cherry, an unhappy patient who is pregnant with her fifth child and has an abusive husband; on her next visit to the clinic it is revealed that she tried to crudely abort her own baby. The case inspires Trixie to write to The Times supporting the legalisation of abortion, but the letter causes controversy. Soon afterwards, she is invited to be interviewed on a BBC radio programme. Nancy reveals her secret, that she had a baby when she was 16, who now lives in a London orphanage.
86 Episode 7 Thomas Hescott Heidi Thomas 30 May 2021 7.11
Sister Frances is horrified by the unsanitary conditions in a tenement building where one of her patients lives, and enlists the help of Violet in her role as a councillor. When the building's owner is tracked down, Trixie is surprised to find that it is Matthew Aylward and then shocked by his lack of action. Later he pledges financial aid to Nonnatus House in his wife's memory, securing the convent's future. Nancy removes her daughter from the orphanage over concerns the girl has been abused and the pair go missing for a time, but she is ultimately permitted to remain at Nonnatus House despite being an unmarried mother. A woman's baby is born with Down syndrome and her husband initially finds it hard to deal with, but a conversation with Fred Buckle about Reggie changes his view along with the family spending time with Reggie. Cyril and Lucille announce their plan to marry at Christmas in Poplar.





Guest Stars[]

  • Kathryn Wilder as Audrey Fleming (Episode 1)
  • Jack Colgrave Hirst as Derek Fleming (Episode 1)
  • Sarah Twomey as Glenys Winch (Episode 1)
  • Lisa O'Connor as Jacinta O'Malley (Episode 2)
  • Killian Coyle as Dessy O'Malley (Episode 2)
  • Jenny Walser as Louise Wrigley (Episode 3)
  • Tom Morley as Reverend Raymond Spragg (Episode 3)
  • Sandra Marvin as Patricia Williams (Episode 3)
  • Dempsey Bovell as Antony Williams (Episode 3)
  • Lizzie Aaryan-Stanton as Beryl Greaney (Episode 4)
  • Jack Archer as Michael Leeks (Episode 4)
  • Michele Moran as Sister Ambrose (Episode 4)
  • Nuala Walsh as Sister Philomena (Episode 4)
  • Paula Lane as Vera Sands (Episode 5)
  • Molly Jenkins as Jeanette Owen (Episode 5)
  • Julia Hepworth as Doris Owen (Episode 5)
  • Jake Simmance as Glen Witton (Episode 5)
  • Aysha Kala as Sarita Gupta (Episode 6)
  • Rebecca Lee as Cherry Watson (Episode 6)
  • Charlotte Hamblin as Sylvia Potts (Episode 7)
  • Madeleine Worrall as Blanche Dellow (Episode 7)
  • Anne Kavanagh as Mother Terence (Episode 7)
  • Louisa Beadel as Sister Mary (Episode 7)


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Characters Introduced[]

  • Ann “Nancy” Corrigan, an upbeat Pupil-Midwife with a shocking secret.
  • Colette Corrigan, Nancy’s “sister”.
  • Matthew Aylward, a rich housing manager with aristocratic roots.
  • Jonathan “Jonty” Aylward, Matthew’s son.
  • Mrs Gertrude Wallace, a strong-willed Jamaican Lady.