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Series 11 is the eleventh series of call the midwife. It ran from 2nd January to 20 February 2022 on the BBC in the UK. Heidi Thomas returns to write and produce alongside Pippa Harris and Annie Tricklebank.


Series 11 takes the story into 1967 and sees the nurses of Nonnatus House having found new security with their new benefactor Matthew Aylward, he and nurse Trixie Franklin become close friends and as Matthew heals from the loss of his wife, he and Trixie find they have feelings for each other and become boyfriend and girlfriend. Their romance however is not the only one in the air as after a long courtship Nurse Lucille Anderson and Cyril Robinson plan for a Christmas wedding in Poplar, but everything seems to go wrong on the lead up to the ceremony but everything is fixed in time for the pair to finally marry one another and make a life in Poplar together. But the series isn’t only full of relationships and focuses on a variety of medical issues, such as cervical cancer, meths drinkers, the measles vaccinations and breastfeeding difficulties. The series also covers several social issues like the decriminalisation of homosexuality and later the decimalisation of abortion.

Full group shot

After only being a pupil midwife in the last series Nurse Nancy Corrigan passes her midwifery exams and becomes a fully fledged employee of Nonnatus House. But things are not simple for Nancy, she has a daughter Colette who thinks she is her sister, Nancy wants them to be a real family and have a place of their own but so many roadblocks are in their way, In the first episode Nancy decides to tell Colette that they are in fact mother and daughter and not sisters. Midway through the series Trixie is called to Portofino to nurse her dying godmother while Nurse Phyllis Crane after coming up in the premium bonds decides to go on a trip across Europe, while also tragedy strikes for Lucille just as she finds herself to be pregnant she suffers a miscarriage and she and her husband are devastated by the news and at first refuse to talk about it but later decide they had better talk about it.  

Midwives in the district

Other plots in the series include the characters getting a new neighbour in the form of the Turner’s receptionist Miss Higgins moving into the cottage once owned by Tom and Barbara Hereward. Sister Monica Joan after seeing a raven go to Nonnatus House she suspects something terrible was going to happen, the great tragedy predicted came in the penultimate episode in which a train crash and derailment rocks the community, to make matters worse the two people always vital in emergencies Sister Julienne and Dr Turner were on the train and no one new if they were alive or not. The community tried to come together and be what people needed them to be but it was only when Phyllis Crane returned from her holiday that things got back on track. Both Sister Julienne and Dr Turner are recovered safe and are able to go on serving their community.  

Series 11 (2022)[]

No.overall Episode Directed by Written by Original air date UK viewers


87 Christmas Special Syd Macartney Heidi Thomas 25 December 2021 7.81
It's December 1966, and good tidings are in the air. Following a long engagement, Lucille and Cyril are excited about their upcoming nuptials and can't wait to get married on Boxing Day. However, as the day approaches, nothing seems to run smoothly, and the wedding ceremony itself is put in jeopardy. While Nancy focuses on her final midwifery examinations, it is all hands on deck as the Nonnatus team prepare for what will inevitably be a busy Christmas. The maternity home is filled with expectant mums-to-be, each with their own challenging case.
88 Episode 1 Ann Tricklebank Heidi Thomas 2 January 2022 7.37
It’s Easter 1967, and celebrations are underway for a colourful Easter bonnet parade outside Nonnatus House. Sister Monica Joan and Reggie are excited about the Eurovision song contest, while Cyril and Lucille settle into blissful married life. After taking some time away following the death of their newborn son, Derek and Audrey Fleming return to Poplar with good news - Audrey is pregnant again.

During demolition work at a nearby tenement block, the builders make a shocking discovery. The news ripples through the community, and the police are called in. The trail leads to someone close to home and has a heartbreaking effect on the team.

89 Episode 2 Noreen Kershaw Nicola Wilson 9 January 2022 7.96
Trixie and Sister Frances put their training into action as they join Dr Turner at the monthly cytology clinic, which is attracting a high number of patients for a routine cervical smear test. While there, Sister Frances examines a newly married woman who presents some troubling symptoms.

Lucille helps Vivien, a single mother of three, through her fourth pregnancy and intervenes when local authorities question Vivien’s capabilities as a mother. After suffering a traumatic experience, Miss Higgins is offered a place to stay at Nonnatus House, and Sister Hilda and Shelagh take the lead in the fight against a scabies epidemic that has quickly engulfed Poplar.

90 Episode 3 Thomas Hescott Johathan Harvey
Heidi Thomas
16 January 2022 7.41
It’s June 1967, and the Order of St Raymond Nonnatus are celebrating a very special milestone birthday. It has been 100 years since the Order first arrived in Poplar. When Sister Julienne is unable to organise the celebrations, Shelagh brings the community together for what will be a joyous occasion.

While tending to a patient who has tuberculosis, Sister Frances and Nancy learn that some residents have become increasingly frustrated by the presence of meths drinkers in the area. As local councillor, Violet must balance her professional and personal views in how best to tackle the issue. However, Nancy begins to see past the community’s fear and recognises the plight of these homeless addicts. Nurse Crane treats a young singer, Julie Haig, who is making a name for herself after meeting her manager, Mo Lewin. But as Julie can no longer hide her pregnancy, she must decide between two very different futures.

91 Episode 4 David O'Neill Lena Rae 23 January 2022 7.52
It’s the summer of 1967, and a heatwave descends over Poplar. Sister Hilda and Dr Turner support a young father with a lung condition, and Trixie takes the lead with a struggling first-time mother. Cyril continues to search for a new job that will put his civil engineering qualification to use and pay more so he and Lucille can afford a house deposit, but Lucille receives unexpected news that she must break to him. Meanwhile, Trixie and Matthew’s relationship is going well, but Trixie wants a little more romance.
92 Episode 5 Sarah Esdaile Heidi Thomas 30 January 2022 7.75
It’s September 1967. Trixie has been assigned to a complicated case involving a crane driver who was injured in a workplace accident and is now paraplegic. He has been discharged from hospital, and is living back at home with his wife and children. Meanwhile, Nancy and Sister Frances give a talk on the facts of life at a primary school, and Lucille's attendance at a straightforward delivery takes a distressing turn.

Shelagh decides to organise a jumble sale to raise money to fix some broken playground equipment in the park. When Sister Julienne finds a suspicious item, chaos ensues.

93 Episode 6 James Larkin Lucy Catherine 6 February 2022 7.56
It’s October 1967, which brings new beginnings with Nurse Crane away on an exciting adventure of a lifetime and Trixie taking care of her godmother in Portofino. Sister Hilda runs a tight ship, and Shelagh has joined the team to ease their busy workload. Lucille prepares for her first day back at work but is clearly not coping well, despite the support of the team.

Sister Monica Joan is spooked to find a black raven in the parlour, believing its presence to be an omen. Seeking interpretation of the raven’s meaning, Sister Monica Joan connects with Dulcie Greenhlagh, an eccentric East End clairvoyant, but soon realises there is another reason they were destined to meet. Matthew discovers one of his warehouses is being used by squatters, including a heavily pregnant woman. Shelagh faces the most challenging delivery of her career. Dr Turner attends a district health committee meeting on measles vaccination. He hopes to increase uptake by running a pilot scheme in Poplar.

94 Episode 7 Syd Macartney Lisa Holdsworth 13 February 2022 7.61
An unforeseen event in Poplar means that Nonnatus House suffers its biggest threat yet. But this time it’s not the bricks and mortar that are in danger - it's the people.

Sister Frances takes charge of a spirited young teenage mother who is shortly to move out of foster care and into her own accommodation. While Sister Frances strives to prepare her, things take a serious turn with the young mother’s health. Sister Hilda and Sister Julienne expect more from Nancy and decide to show her what she is capable of by letting her lead morning orders, and Timothy returns home from university after falling ill with glandular fever.

95 Episode 8 David Tucker Heidi Thomas 20 February 2022 7.90
Nonnatus House faces its darkest day after a tragic incident in the heart of Poplar. As the community rallies together, the team must overcome personal anguish to help the injured.





Guest stars[]

  • Kathryn Wilder as Audrey Fleming (episode 1)
  • Jack Colgrave Hirst as Derek Fleming (episode 1)
  • Rebecca Johnson as Marigold Nyall (episode 1)
  • Lu Corfield as DS Virginia Barrow (episode 1)
  • Abi Corbett as Janis Cowper (episode 2)
  • Ania Sowinski as Vivien Thomson (episode 2)
  • Chicago Johnson as Julie Haig (episode 3)
  • Nicola Stephenson as Thelma Haig (episode 3)
  • Phil Cornwell as Bernard (episode 3)
  • Katherine Moran as Ivy Jepson (episode 4)
  • Lily Knight as Yvonne Cawder (episode 4)
  • Alex Waldmann as Samuel Rosen (episode 4)
  • Alexis Peterman as Orli Rosen (episode 4)
  • Natalie Klamer as Glenda Packer (episode 5)
  • Doc Butler as Gordon Packer (episode 5)
  • Elizabeth Roberts as Clover Jenkins (episode 6)
  • Frances Tomelty as Dulcie Greenhalgh (episode 6)
  • Ellie-May Sheridan as Carole Reece (episode 7, 8)
  • Maya Saroya as Edina Corbett (episode 7, 8)
  • Marc Elliot as Lionel Corbett (episode 7, 8)
  • Stephanie Jacob as Dorothy Carnie (episode 7, 8)
  • Lisa Stephenson as Pauline Brettell (episode 8)


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