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Series 13 is the thirteenth season of Call the Midwife. It began airing on 7 January and will conclude on 25 February, 2024 on BBC One in the United Kingdom. Heidi Thomas returns to write and produce alongside Pippa Harris and Ann Tricklebank.


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Series 13 (2024)[]

No. Overall Episode Directed By Written By Original Air Date UK Viewers (millions)
105 Christmas Special Syd Macartney Heidi Thomas 25 December 2023 7.66
In December 1968, Nancy's daughter Collette moves into Nonnatus House with her. A depressed Sister Monica Joan is convinced that it will be her final Christmas; her friends attempt to rally her spirits by re-enacting a Christmas she remembers fondly from her Victorian childhood. Cyril helps Mr Sharma, a former wartime airman fallen on hard times and living in a condemned basement dwelling. Despite debilitating medical issues, Mr Sharma, scarred by how he was treated during the war, refuses to see a doctor. Brenda, who has been treated with fertility drugs unexpectedly gives birth to quadruplets; another new mother, with whom Brenda had personal issues when they were in school together, helps her to feed them and, in the absence of her sailor boyfriend, is in turn supported by Brenda's mother.
106 Episode 1 David Tucker Heidi Thomas 7 January 2024 6.81
Four new trainee midwives arrive at Nonnatus House in March 1969, including Rosalind Clifford (Natalie Quarry) and Joyce Highland (Renee Bailey), who will also be living there and find living among nuns something of a culture shock. Rosalind's first birth is complicated when the police arrive to arrest the mother's criminal husband, who is armed with a gun. Doreen, who has cerebral palsy, is heavily pregnant, which angers her mother. Doreen's patient records indicate that she was injured at birth and that Sister Julienne delivered her, a fact that the nun finds hard to handle. Nancy clashes with Phyllis over a new campaign for increased wages for nurses.
107 Episode 2 Avril Evans Nicola Wilson 14 January 2024 6.35
Shelagh and Joyce assist at the birth of Edna's son, but are concerned by the health of Edna's daughter. She is soon hospitalised with breathing difficulties linked to mouldy conditions in their council flat. An angry Shelagh takes on the council, who had failed to take action. Nancy and Dr Turner become involved in the case of Sahira, who has been suffering with unexplained symptoms; she is diagnosed with porphyria and advised to avoid ever having children, devastating her and her husband. Cyril resolves to retrain as a social worker. The pay campaign continues to gather momentum.
108 Episode 3 Jo Southwell Sally Abbott 21 January 2024 6.71
Violet runs for the position of mayor of Tower Hamlets but faces competition from a sexist fellow councillor who is also a slum landlord. Fred cuts himself and contracts a case of tetanus which lands him in intensive care. Gillian, a fashion model who hopes to involve her child in her work, gives birth to a daughter with hip dysplasia, which she finds hard to deal with. Violet is elected mayor and Fred makes a full recovery.
109 Episode 4 John Maidens Susan Everett 28 January 2024 6.85
In July 1969, everyone in Poplar is excited about the Apollo 11 moon landing. The discovery of tuberculosis in a family newly arrived from Nigeria brings back painful childhood memories for Nancy. Distracted by drama at home, Trixie mistakenly overrules Joyce, with the result that a patient's partially retained placenta is not diagnosed, putting her life in danger. Matthew questions Trixie's priorities.
110 Episode 5 Sarah Esdaile Chloe Moss 4 February 2024 7.06
At the height of summer, Violet organises a community outing to the seaside. While there, May gets into difficulty in the sea; upon their return to Poplar she is hospitalised with water aspiration. Following the incident, the authorities have concerns about whether they should continue to foster her. Phyllis delivers Lindy Webster's second baby; shortly afterwards, it is discovered that both Lindy's children have retinoblastoma, a cancer of the eye.
111 Episode 6 David O'Neill Katerina Watson 11 February 2024 TBD
Two young boys are found in a local church, abandoned by their mother. Soon afterwards, their mother is found, pregnant and in a depressed state; Cyril becomes involved with her case and is unsure what recommendation to make. Matthew confesses to Trixie that he has lost the company directorship he inherited from his father and faces financial ruin. Dr Turner cares for a woman who has a rare cancer caused by asbestos exposure. Rosalind and Joyce both pass their final exams and are offered permanent jobs at Nonnatus House.
112 Episode 7 TBA TBA 25 February 2024 TBD
Rosalind oversees the care of a teenage mum and uncovers a disturbing truth. Trixie and Matthew struggle with their change in fortune whilst Joyce receives an unexpected visitor.





Guest Stars[]

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Characters Introduced[]

  • Joyce Highland, a caring but no-nonsense nurse with a tragic secret.
  • Rosalind Clifford, a naive and talkative nurse with a streak of steeliness.