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Series 4 is the fourth series of Call the Midwife and was originally broadcast in 2015 on BBC One.


Series 4 is the first series without Jenny Lee and marks the beginning of the series as an ensemble piece and sees the introduction of a few new faces at Nonnatus House. Those being new rather green nurse Barbara Gilbert who while good natured does not impress Sister Evangelina at first and Phyllis Crane who was meant to be a temporary appointment decides to stay on permanently and she and Sister Evangelina are occasionally at loggerheads. The midwives are still as busy as ever as news of clean tower blocks and a contraceptive pill come ever closer the nurses must still contend with cases of child cruelty, prostitution and by extension venereal disease and the negative attitudes towards homosexuality. There are also medical conditions like diabetes, diphtheria and a baby born with brittle bone disease.

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 While new faces arrive much of the cast remains intact with Trixie and Patsy remaining as part of the four core midwives. Two of the nuns Sister Julienne and Sister Monica Joan get storylines of their own, Sister Julienne rekindling a friendship with a man she might have married had she not been called to the religious life and Sister Monica Joan grappling with old age and feeling useless now that she no longer works. Former nun Mrs Shelagh Turner realises how much she misses midwifery and when her husband Patrick becomes ill after missing an important diagnosis for a baby and takes on running the surgery in his absence. Along with the nun who became a nurse Nonnatus welcomes home the nurse who became a nun in Sister Mary Cynthia who in the Christmas special went to Chichester as a postulant and returns and is happy to get back to her work.  

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The series is also one of several romantic relationships those being Trixie and Tom Hereward who get engaged at the start of the series but as time comes on Trixie realises she couldn’t be a curate's wife and they break off the engagement, this devastates Trixie who always liked a drink starts drinking on the job putting patients at risk, in the end with the help of Sister Mary Cynthia she seeks help at alcoholics anonymous. Another romantic partnership that had to go on in secret was with Patsy who was in love with a fellow nurse at the hospital Delia Busby but they could not fully pursue the relationship because of the negative attitudes towards homosexuality in that time period. The final romantic pairing is that of handyman Fred Buckle and shopkeeper Violet Gee, the two quickly get engaged and the series ends with their wedding at Nonnatus House.


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Series 4 (2015)[]

Christmas special


Episode Directed by Written by Original air date UK viewers

(millions) [12]

25 Christmas special Thaddeus O'Sullivan Heidi Thomas 25 December 2014 9.69
When harsh conditions at a home for unmarried expectant mothers are exposed, Chummy and Patsy are required to take over the running of the home, and later help a young mother decide that she is not as set on giving her baby up for adoption as she had thought. Cynthia wrestles with a calling to become a nun, but an encounter with a former mental hospital inmate helps her to make up her mind and she leaves midwifery behind to become a postulant. Although the character of Jenny was written out at the end of the previous series, Vanessa Redgrave continues to provide voice-overs as "mature" Jenny and appears on-screen for the first time in a framing sequence set in 2005.
Series 4


Episode Directed by Written by Original air date UK viewers

(millions) [12]

26 Episode 1 Thaddeus O'Sullivan Heidi Thomas 18 January 2015 10.55
In 1960, new nurse Barbara Gilbert (Charlotte Ritchie) arrives to take up duties at Nonnatus House, but struggles to make a good first impression, especially when a late-night drinking session with Trixie and Patsy leaves her extremely hungover. Trixie helps a family of four children who are regularly left alone by their mother in conditions of abject squalor, which brings back bad memories of her own childhood. Impressed by the qualities she displays in dealing with the situation, her boyfriend Tom asks her to marry him. Sister Evangelina finally seeks help for pains which have been troubling her for some time. Chummy temporarily leaves Nonnatus House to take over as matron of the mother and baby home.
27 Episode 2 Juliet May Heidi Thomas 25 January 2015 10.98
Another new nurse, Phyllis Crane (Linda Bassett), joins the staff at Nonnatus House and infuriates the staff, especially Sister Evangelina, with her officious manner. Sister Julienne is delighted when rich benefactor Charles Newgarden (Nicholas Farrell) resolves to leave a legacy to the convent, but finds herself tormented when it is revealed that it is a man with whom she shared a romantic relationship 30 years earlier. Barbara and Patsy are both devastated when they deliver a stillborn child to a young Trinidadian mother, but everyone is delighted when her labour continues and a healthy twin is born. Trixie's obsession with organising an extravagant engagement party threatens to drive a wedge between her and Tom.
28 Episode 3 Juliet May Harriet Warner 1 February 2015 11.07
The community is outraged and opinions divided at Nonnatus House when an expectant father is charged with gross indecency after being caught committing homosexual acts (at the time illegal in the United Kingdom). He is ordered to undergo hormone treatment, and the couple are despised and shunned by neighbours. Phyllis investigates when she realises that an impoverished Irish immigrant woman has lied about where she lives. Dr. Turner and Shelagh are able to trace the source of an outbreak of dysentery to a food delivery service.
29 Episode 4 Amy Neil Damian Wayling 8 February 2015 10.92
After an encounter with a young prostitute who is both pregnant and infected with syphilis, Sister Winifred attempts to spread the message of safe sex among the prostitutes of the neighbourhood. Barbara deals with a man who is so desperate to have a son to inherit the family business that he will accept no other outcome for his wife's pregnancy. Sister Monica Joan finds a new sense of purpose when she is unexpectedly forced to assist Shelagh with a birth. After learning that Tom will be assigned to a lower-class, very far-off parish in Newcastle, Trixie breaks off her engagement to him, passing out after consuming a large amount of alcoholic drink to cope, forcing an exhausted Barbara to serve as midwife in her third delivery of the day.
30 Episode 5 Dominic Leclerc Carolyn Bonnyman 15 February 2015 11.27
When a baby suffers two fractures in mysterious circumstances, suspicion falls on his parents, who are Christian Scientists and hesitant against any medical treatment. Dr Turner arranges for the child to be taken into care, but later realises that the baby actually has osteogenesis imperfecta, a rare bone disease. The doctor's guilt over the unnecessary suffering he has put the parents through, combined with overwork, drives him to illness. Shelagh attempts to take over running the surgery, but is not taken seriously until she dons a nurse's uniform. Barbara endeavours to help a Sylheti (Bengali) woman whose pregnancy is complicated by the fact that she cannot speak English and has diphtheria. Cynthia, now Sister Mary Cynthia, returns to Nonnatus House.
31 Episode 6 Dominic Leclerc Heidi Thomas 22 February 2015 10.53
Sister Mary Cynthia befriends a group of Irish Travellers camped on a bombsite, but things become complicated when one of the women goes into labour just as police arrive to evict the travellers from the site. When an unwed, diabetic teenage girl finds she is pregnant, she is advised to have a termination due to the potential complications that her diabetes may cause. Rather than lose her baby, she goes on the run with her boyfriend, but without a supply of insulin she becomes dangerously ill, and her boyfriend must act quickly to save her life.
32 Episode 7 Darcia Martin Harriet Warner 1 March 2015 10.57
Two former school friends give birth at the maternity home on the same day, but in the confusion of a fire evacuation Sister Evangelina accidentally switches the babies. When the mistake is revealed, the two sets of parents have differing views on how the situation should be resolved. An elderly couple who have not been apart since the war must face separation when one is diagnosed with cancer. Fred proposes to shopkeeper Violet, while Patsy must conceal her relationship with nurse Delia.
33 Episode 8 Darcia Martin Heidi Thomas 8 March 2015 10.64
Chummy returns to Nonnatus House. Trixie helps a deaf patient who is concerned that her child may inherit her condition. A patient whose severe sickness is initially dismissed as mere nerves is diagnosed with the serious condition hyperemesis gravidarum but treated with the revolutionary drug thalidomide. Fred's daughter Marlene's interference causes his relationship with Violet to flounder, but with the help of Chummy, the couple are reunited and marry. Patsy is heartbroken when Delia is left with amnesia following a traffic accident and has no recollection of her. Trixie admits that she is an alcoholic and joins an alcoholic support group with the help of Sister Mary Cynthia.



Helen George as Beatrix Franklin
Emerald Fennell as Patsy Mount
Charlotte Ritchie as Barbara Gilbert
Linda Bassett as Phyllis Crane


Jenny Agutter as Sister Julienne
Judy Parfitt as Sister Monica Joan
Pam Ferris as Sister Evangelina
Victoria Yeates as Sister Winifred
Bryony Hannah as Sister Mary Cynthia


Stephen McGann as Patrick Turner
Laura Main as Shelagh Turner
Max Macmillan as Timothy Turner
Alice Brown as Angela Turner
Cliff Parisi as Frederick Buckle
Annabelle Apsion as Violet Gee
Miranda Hart as Chummy Noakes
Ben Caplan as Peter Noakes
Liam Kiff as Freddie Noakes

Guest Stars[]


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Characters introduced[]

  • Barbara Gilbert, a naive and gentle nurse.
  • Phyllis Crane, a strict and dedicated nurse.
  • Delia Busby, a feisty and friendly nurse.
  • Violet Gee, a kind but strong-willed dressmaker.