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Series 9 is the ninth series of Call the Midwife. It ran from 5 January 2020 to 23 February 2020.


Series 9 continues the story of call the midwife into 1965, less than ten years ago the midwives of Nonnatus House were seen as vital to the community of Poplar but society was changing at such a rapid pace. Much of the old east end was being demolished and being replaced by new tower blocks and much of the Series focuses on Sister Julienne and her uncertainty of the orders future in the east end, the councils plans to demolish Nonnatus House looming in the background as midwifery goes into a different place. Many women were choosing to have hospital births and she tries to find what the future of the order in Poplar is to be.

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The line up of nurses and nuns is the same as the last series with Valerie Dyer having an arc focusing on her grandmother Elsie Dyer who was sent to prison in the last series finale, another storyline is based around Lucille Anderson and her relationship with mechanic Cyril Robinson and both of their struggles to make the romance work. The Turner surgery receptionist Miss Higgins began the series in a relationship with sergeant Aubrey Woolf however his heart attack causes him to end the relationship but from that comes a close friendship with Nurse Phyllis Crane. Partway through the series Nonnatus House begins playing host to four junior doctors, one of which, Kevin McNulty begins to work at the surgery full time due to Dr Turner being so busy he can barely spend time with his family. However the partnership doesn’t last long as Kevin is found to be addicted to pethidine and after collapsing in surgery is sent away to a clinic.

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Subplots for the Turner family involves a new incubator fund for their maternity home, of which they are assisted by Violet Buckle the local councillor. Their other major story is their plans to adopt foster child May but when her mother Esther is revealed to be alive and well the adoption plans are put in jeopardy. The Buckle family remain in the lives of the midwives as well, including Reggie Jackson who pays regular visits to Poplar from his assisted living community. In the end of the series the nuns and midwifes are almost kicked out of Nonnatus House by the council but senior midwife Trixie Franklin makes an impassioned speech detailing the great work and the difference that Nonnatus House has made to peoples lives in Poplar and they are given a temporary reprieve.


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Series 9 (2020)[edit][]

No.overall Episode Directed by Written by Original air date UK viewers


70 Christmas special Syd Macartney Heidi Thomas 25 December 2019 8.69
Mother Mildred, Sister Julienne, Dr Turner, Shelagh, Phyllis, Trixie, Valerie, Lucille and Fred travel to the Outer Hebrides to assist communities lacking in medical facilities. Despite being left behind, Sister Monica Joan makes her own way to the islands, where she has an encounter that reaffirms her faith. Dr Turner must perform an emergency appendectomy on a new mother in a storm-lashed lighthouse without electricity. Phyllis and Trixie help Effie, a teenager rebelling against the confining island lifestyle. Back in Poplar, Reggie attempts to set a Guinness World Record for the world's longest Christmas paper chain.
71 Episode 1 Kate Cheeseman Heidi Thomas 5 January 2020 8.81
In early 1965, Fred finds a newborn baby abandoned in a dustbin, and a search begins for her mother. She is eventually found to be the housekeeper of a local Catholic priest, but Mother Mildred is unimpressed by the priest's callous attitude. With the help of Phyllis, an expectant mother moves from an unsanitary homeless shelter to a council flat, but shortly after she gives birth, her older son is diagnosed with diphtheria. Shortly after Mother Mildred brings her time at the convent to an end by returning to the order's mother house, Sister Julienne learns that Nonnatus House has been earmarked for demolition as part of a slum clearance.
72 Episode 2 Kate Cheeseman Debbie O'Malley 12 January 2020 8.46
Florrie, a woman in her late 50s, forgets that she is minding her granddaughter and leaves her unattended. When Dr Turner also diagnoses liver disease, Florrie's son-in-law is convinced that she is a secret alcoholic, but his wife is unconvinced. Eventually Dr Turner identifies the cause as haemochromatosis (iron overload). Tina, a feisty young prostitute who is pregnant, claims that a previous child has gone to live in America, but Sister Julienne finds that he is actually in care in Poplar. Her life is endangered by the effects of an ectopic pregnancy, causing her to lose her baby, and Sister Julienne tries to ensure that Tina does not find herself in a similar situation in the future.
73 Episode 3 David O'Neill Helen Raynor 19 January 2020 9.00
Lucille is seconded to St Cuthbert's hospital to supervise student midwives, but experiences racism from a difficult patient. On the way to the delivery room, the two of them become trapped in a lift, where Lucille must deliver the baby. Phyllis is concerned for the welfare of two Sylheti boys, Rahul and Jalal, who have recently arrived from East Pakistan (modern-day Bangladesh). When she visits their home, she finds that their mother is seriously ill but has been abandoned by her husband because of her condition. The midwives stage a fashion show to raise money for the maternity home's incubator fund.
74 Episode 4 David O'Neill Paul Walker 26 January 2020 8.31
Concerned about Nonnatus House's place in a changing community and the threat of demolition, Sister Julienne agrees to four young male doctors residing at the convent as part of their training, but not all the residents are pleased by the arrangement. Fred and Reggie befriend George, an older man living in condemned housing. When George is taken ill with symptoms that baffle Dr Turner, one of the young trainee doctors diagnoses a condition caused by a reaction to the faeces of the pigeons which George breeds, and he must face giving up his beloved birds.
75 Episode 5 Noreen Kershaw Jonathan Harvey 2 February 2020 7.98
Grace, a middle-aged woman driven to the brink of despair by the demands of her large family, accuses Sister Julienne of being out of touch with ordinary people. Taken aback, she ventures out into Poplar without her habit. Sister Hilda helps Ron, an overprotective father who panics at the slightest suggestion that anything is wrong with his baby. Sister Monica Joan longs to see the hit film The Sound of Music.
76 Episode 6 Noreen Kershaw Carolyn Bonnyman 9 February 2020 8.21
Sister Julienne finally breaks the news to the rest of the staff about the impending demolition of Nonnatus House, leaving them worried for their future. The Turners' hopes of adopting May face a hurdle when her mother, who was believed dead, comes forward and says she wants to take her daughter back to Hong Kong. Valerie's cousin is overjoyed when her baby is born on what would have been her own father's birthday, but soon after the birth her son is diagnosed with a number of life-limiting conditions. Kevin McNulty, one of the young doctors who stayed at Nonnatus House earlier in the year, returns to work alongside Dr Turner.
77 Episode 7 Syd Macartney Andrea Gibb 16 February 2020 7.90
Trixie helps Marion, an expectant mother who is blind but does not believe this will stop her caring for her child. Marion's sister has other ideas, however, and reports her to social services. When the baby is born, Marion has to learn to accept help. Dr McNulty appears to be settling in well, but he is troubled by an old injury and resorts to stealing pain relief drugs. Valerie is concerned for the well-being of her grandmother in prison.
78 Episode 8 Syd Macartney Heidi Thomas 23 February 2020 8.01
Sister Julienne is notified that the council is reducing funding to Nonnatus House at the same time that the rent payments are increased, putting the order's future in doubt. Valerie's grandmother is hospitalised and diagnosed with cancer. She is released into Valerie's care, which proves difficult for both of them; Valerie sits by her deathbed but misses the moment of her actual death. Two of the midwives' patients turn out to be pregnant by the same man. Dr McNulty's drug problems come to light. An impassioned speech to the council by Trixie and the support of the local community lead to a stay of execution for Nonnatus House, but only for a year.



Helen George as Beatrix Franklin
Jennifer Kirby as Valerie Dyer
Linda Bassett as Phyllis Crane
Leonie Elliott as Lucille Anderson


Jenny Agutter as Sister Julienne
Judy Parfitt as Sister Monica Joan
Fenella Woolgar as Sister Hilda
Ella Bruccoleri Sister Frances
Miriam Margolyes as Mother Mildred


Stephen McGann as Patrick Turner
Laura Main as Shelagh Turner
Max Macmillan as Timothy Turner
Alice Brown as Angela Turner
Ned Shaw as Teddy Turner
April Rae Hoang as May Tang
Cliff Parisi as Frederick Buckle
Annabelle Apsion as Violet Buckle
Daniel Laurie as Reggie Jackson
Georgie Glen as Miss Higgins
Zephryn Taitte as Cyril Robinson
Lee Armstrong as Kevin McNulty

Guest Stars[]

  • Jenny Rainsford as Dena Bowland (episode 1)
  • Jordan A Nash as Terry Bowland (episode 1)
  • Emma Lowndes as Brenda Donnelly (episode 1)
  • Alec Newman as Father Duncombe (episode 1)
  • Amanda Root as Florrie Watkins (episode 2)
  • Carly Bawden as Laverne Bulmer (episode 2)
  • Georgia Henshaw as Tina Atkins (episode 2)
  • Salma Hoque as Farzina Mohammed (episode 3)
  • Hannah Onslow as Connie Blair (episode 3)
  • Phil Daniels as George Benson (episode 4)
  • Sam Woolf as Dr Benedict Walters (episode 4)
  • Lisa Kerr as Elsie Jessop (episode 4)
  • Poppy Gilbert as Lesley Pike (episode 4)
  • Karl Davies as Ronald Mallen (episode 5)
  • Carla Langley as Aileen Mallen (episode 5)
  • Samantha Spiro as Grace Calthorpe (episode 5)
  • Jay Simpson as Albert Calthorpe (episode 5)
  • Juliet Oldfield as Maureen Bryant (episode 6)
  • Jack Gordon as Charlie Bryant (episode 6)
  • Yennis Cheung as Esther Tang (episode 6)
  • Charlotte Lucas as Miss Williams (episode 6)
  • Ellie Wallwork as Marion Irmsby (episode 7)
  • Dylan Llewelyn as Stewart Irmsby (episode 7)
  • Lucy Briggs-Owen as Beryl Cairns (episode 7)
  • Sophie Melville as Yvonne Smith (episode 7)
  • Ann Mitchell as Elsie Dyer (episode 7, 8)
  • Thomas Howes as Eddie Tannerman (episode 8)
  • Kitty Archer as Petra Bevan (episode 8)
  • Ruby Thomas as Bonnie Medlar (episode 8)


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Characters Introduced[]

  • Kevin McNulty, a young and petrified Doctor.