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Sir Rex Fortescue-Cholmeley-Browne is the father of Chummy Noakes and her six brothers, he was in the Indian civil service and his family lived in British India for a long time and his children were sent to boarding schools back in England. His daughter would be called Chummy as Sir Rex would say “long dogs need short names” though his wife Artemis didn’t appreciate him calling her Arthur. For services to the viceroy Sir Rex was granted a knighthood by the King and Queen and his daughter met Princess Margaret at the investiture. After living in India for a long time Sir Rex and Lady Browne retired to Madeira, while Sir Rex enjoyed it there his wife did not, though both found the Portuguese administration trying.  

It is implied that he was unfaithful as his wife said he had many interests but she was not one of them. She left him in Madeira and he cut her off without a penny, Lady Browne also had cancer and died soon after being nursed by Chummy and her husband. It is unknown what he did after he found out that news or what happened later as his daughter did not mention him after that.  


  • In the books Chummys father was governor of Rajasthan but Heidi Thomas found out Rajasthan was not formed until after India gained independence, so she cut that from the series to make it more historically accurate.