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Sister Ambrose C.R.C.R.0 is an Irish Catholic nun living at her orders branch house in Ealing. She is one of the nuns to drop nurse Nancy Corrigan off to begin her training at Nonnatus House.


Sister Ambrose along with her fellow sister, Sister Philomena around the time of the 1966 world cup go to drop Nancy Corrigan off to begin her training at Nonnatus, Sister Ambrose merrily hurries her along, telling her to not be late on her first day to which she says they were actually a full sixteen hours early. Sister Philomena just wants to have tea and hand her over.

When inside they sit down to tea with Sister Julienne and some of her fellow sisters, both Sisters Philomena and Ambrose tell Nancy's story. That she came to them as an orphan age 7 and is considered one of the nuns great success stories. Sister Philomena says they've been on quite the journey together but Nancy seemed a little bit more tense around them and dressed more conservatively compared to the loud and bright colours she would normally wear. Sister Ambrose also calls her by her legal name Ann, instead of the preferred nickname Nancy.

Sister Ambrose adds that of course when Nancy was young the nuns were still in their traditional habits, having evidently modernised but now they have they feel rather with it and laugh. Sister Philomena asks the Nonnatus nuns if they have considered modernising their own habits but Sister Julienne said they considered it unneeded while Sister Hilda sulkily sat. her designs for a revised habit being recently rejected.

Sister Philomena and Sister Ambrose both left soon after and Nancy was able to be her real self a lot more and began her work as a pupil midwife. Though Sister Julienne suspects the nuns were genuinely fond of her and sending her to a convent was their way of not quite letting go.