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Sister Douglas is a ward sister in St Cuthberts hospital, the women she looks after are at risk of miscarriage so she works to be a pillar of support for them. She was played by Cecilia Noble.


In the 1960s the NHS was struggling so a call went out to the commonwealth for nurses, Sister Douglas was one of the many Caribbean nurses who answered the call. She began working in St Cuthberts hospital as a ward sister, she is caring with her patients but also no nonsense, particularly to the fathers in S06 E04 Shelagh Turner was afraid she may miscarry her baby so went to the hospital as an inpatient. Not long after Shelagh was brought in another woman named Gloria Venables was brought in to. In which she promptly kicked the husbands of the women out. Shelagh found using the bedpan difficult so Sister Douglas wheeled her to the lavatory, Shelagh began upsetting herself but the ward sister upsetting herself would only make things worse. Shelagh thinks Sister Douglas is nice and pupil midwife Delia Busby says she is if you keep on the right side of her.

The next morning Sister Douglas in preparation for Mr Kenley's rounds eases her into a chair, when Shelagh gets up she sees blood where she lay and begins panicking but the ward sister keeps a cool head. She also watches over her patient as Mr Kenley patronises her during his rounds. Mr Kenley also checks over Gloria Venables and agrees to do a procedure called cervical cerclage to prevent her losing her fourth baby, however the morning Gloria was meant to have the operation she began heavily bleeding.

Sister Douglas and Delia Busby attended to Gloria as she sobbed and groaned giving birth to a stillborn child. She instructs Delia to remove the stillborn baby while she attends to Gloria who was never allowed to see the baby. While Gloria lost her baby Shelagh’s husband Dr Patrick Turner finds a heartbeat and her baby is okay. She later went on to deliver a baby boy.