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Sister Edith O.S.R.N is a member of the African Hope Clinic, she was portrayed by Amy Anley.


Sister Edith at some point felt called to the religious life, joining the order of Saint Raymond Nonnatus and would later be sent to the order’s African branch house, the Hope Clinic, a severely under-staffed hospital, run by Dr. Myra Fitzsimmons, Sister Gertrude, Mother Felicity and a handful of nuns. A seemingly withdrawn and subserviant nun in her 30s, obeys anything she is asked by her fellow colleagues. In Christmas of 1961, the elderly Mother Felicity passed away, this caused chaos at the Hope Clinic, so Mother Jesu Emmanuel decides to send Sister Julienne, Sister Winifred, Dr Patrick Turner, Nurse Shelagh Turner, Beatrix Franklin, Barbara Gilbert, Phyllis Crane, Fred Buckle and Rev. Tom Hereward to save the clinic from closure. Sister Edith, along with Sister Gertrude rush out to greet them and in return are greeted just as warmly.

When Dr Myra became very sick, she self diagnosed herself with liver cancer, Sister Edith sat at her bedside and helped her take a drink of water but other than that and washing her sheets would not accept medical attention. To make matters worse Sister Edith herself goes down with vomiting and diarrhoea and Sister Gertrude was quarantined so she was only working on affected wards. This was because the water spring was running out and they had no clean water, putting both of the nuns who worked at Hope Clinic out of action.

Sister Edith was present when the new water spring was unveiled at Hope Clinic and she embraced it in a blaze of joy with all the others at the clinic. The visitors from Nonnatus House returned to England and Sister Edith remained working there, Hope Clinic being able to thrive. In late 1965 she was joined by Valerie Dyer who went to work alongside them.