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Sister Gertrude O.S.R.N is a nun who works at Hope Clinic, South Africa, she was played by Andrea Dondolo.


Sister Gertrude is a South African woman nursing in apartheid era South Africa and worked alongside Sister Edith and her superior Mother Felicity as well as the doctor Dr Myra Fitzsimmons. Unfortunately the elderly Mother Felicity died of amoebic dysentery (an intestinal infection leading to severe diarrhoea) and the hospital was so understaffed it might need to close entirely. An action that would be disastrous as it was the only medical facility for black south Africans for 100 miles, so to assist Sister Gertrude and her colleagues a working party from their counterparts in England, Nonnatus House was sent to assist them.  

When they arrived Sisters Gertrude and Edith enthusiastically greeted Sisters Julienne and Winifred and they all get to work. When Dr Myra suspects a patient had leukaemia Sister Gertrude out her at the end bed so she could feel the sun coming in through her window as she died. When the working party arrived back from providing polio vaccinations Sister Gertrude frantically ran towards them as Dr Myra was very sick, self diagnosing herself with liver cancer. To make matters worse sister Edith goes down with vomiting and diarrhoea and Sister Gertrude herself was quarantined so she was only working on affected wards.  

Sister Gertrude was present when the new water spring was unveiled at Hope Clinic and she embraced it in a blaze of joy with all the others at the clinic. The visitors from Nonnatus House returned to England and Sister Gertrude remained working there, Hope Clinic being able to thrive. In late 1965 she was joined by Valerie Dyer who went to work alongside them.