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Sister Veronica O.S.R.N is a resident of Nonnatus House. Debuting in Series 12 as a replacement for Sister Hilda. She is played by Rebecca Gethings.


A caring, but no-nonsense nun in her early 40s, has passion for marmalade and a habit for telling fibs, in her very first appearance she lies to Sister Julienne that she had part of a lung removed, when in reality she couldn’t find a bicycle she liked. Upon finding out about it from Mother Mildred, Sister Julienne is horrified by the lengths that Sister Veronica went too to get something like that. In the end Matthew Aylward purchases a scooter for her. Despite this Sister Veronica proved herself a great addition to Nonnatus House, she helped to deliver a baby after the mother rudely and openly made racist comments to Lucille Robinson about foreigners, causing Lucille to walk out on the mother. Later she tells Doctor Turner about her concerns for the atrocious working conditions that are being put on children’s shoulders. During the examinations they find that abuse, malnourishment and even neglect is common amongst the examined children and thus the conditions are taken more seriously. Sister Veronica is making some nice changes to poplar.


Sister Veronica was born the daughter of a regimental sergeant major, at some point she felt called to the religious life and entered the order of Saint Raymond Nonnatus, around the same as Sister Bernadette (who later leaves the order) and Sister Hilda. At first she worked as a midwife and was sent to be a part of the orders branch in Hong Kong in which she was in charge of the jasmine room, which was what they called the nursery, caring for a number of orphans such as May Tang who would later be sent to England for the Hong Kong adoption project. She worked with Sister Mildred who would later become Mother Mildred, the head of the order who noted her tendency to tell lies to get what she wanted. Sister Veronica in total spent thirteen years in the orders mission in Hong Kong but returned to the UK in 1968 in which she switched from midwifery to a job as a health visitor and was sent by Mother Mildred to work at Nonnatus House the orders branch house in Poplar.