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Special Delivery: A Look Back at Call the Midwife first aired in the United States on 30 May, 2021 as a PBS Special.

Characters and cast[]


Jennifer Lee

Beatrix Franklin

Cynthia Miller

Camilla Noakes

Jane Sutton

Patsy Mount

Barbara Hereward

Phyllis Crane

Delia Busby

Valerie Dyer

Lucille Anderson

Shelagh Turner

Ann Corrigan


Sister Julienne

Sister Evangelina

Sister Monica Joan

Sister Bernadette

Sister Winifred

Sister Mary Cynthia

Sister Ursula

Mother Mildred

Sister Hilda

Sister Frances


Fred Buckle

Patrick Turner

Peter Noakes

Timothy Turner

Millicent Higgins

Violet Buckle

Reggie Jackson

Angela Turner

May Tang

Teddy Turner

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