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St. Cuthbert's hospital is the local hospital for the area the midwives nurse in. However, despite its excellent level of hygiene and efficiency, the hospital is often more focused on curing its patients and forgets to care for them as well.


St. Cuthbert's hospital makes its first definitive appearance in series 5 when Sister Julienne is seconded there and since then it has been a staple of the series. It is very much a general hospital with doctors, nurses, surgeons and others all working, many of the patients of the district go there for more serious illnesses, including the mothers however many often are displeased with their service as the doctors, mostly men tend to be very condescending towards them, doctors like Mr. Kenley. The midwives from Nonnatus House are sometimes seconded there usually for wards like female medical and supervising pupil midwives. The hospital is also much more formal with patients, nurses never really forming relationships with them and usually just see them as patients with a set of symptoms, something the seconded nurses struggle with. The nurses themselves have on occasion been patients at the hospital like Shelagh Turner when she feared she may spontaneously abort Teddy Turner and Sister Monica Joan for her cataract operation and around Christmas time where she was tethered to a catheter, Lucille was so displeased with her care she arranged her discharge. The staff at the hospital tend to have a more ‘go by the book approach’ which can sometimes bring them into conflict with their patients and Nonnatuns staff, despite this plenty of mothers are more than happy to deliver in hospital with the plan being to move women away from services like the Nonnatuns and into hospitals like St. Cuthbert's.



  • Mr Kenley (series 5-10)
  • Mr Simpkins (series 6)
  • Mr Armitage (series 10)
  • Dr Sellick (series 10)
  • Mr Harper (series 10)