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St. Wilburs primary school is a primary school adjacent to Nonnatus House on Wick Street, the midwives often find themselves in there for health reasons.


The school is right next door to Nonnatus House and is a part of adjoining buildings, the nurses often go there to give talks on health and hygiene and make sure children have been given their injections. Whenever a nits or chicken pox outbreak occurs in the district a Nonnatus nurse (usually Sister Hilda, Sister Winifred or Sister Veronica) goes to check everything is as it should be, though being a very poor district of London makes this quite common. The headmistress of the school is Miss Dawkins, other members of staff include Miss Lewis, Miss Graham and Mr Wetherby. A former teacher at the school was Dorothy Whitmore who was let go from her job because of an unmarried pregnancy, when she tried to cause an abortion she left the district altogether and Sister Winifred took over her class for a few weeks which she did reluctantly. Being a primary school the children go there until they are eleven and take the 11-plus to see if they go to a grammar school or an ordinary secondary school. A notable pupil at the school is Colette Corrigan, the daughter of Nurse Nancy Corrigan.



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