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St Faelan's Youth Hostel is a hostel for young people that Mother Mildred hoped to turn into a convent as a Scottish branch house for her midwifery order.  


In the 2019 Christmas special Mother Mildred decides to take a team of the midwives in Poplar to the Outer Hebrides, a chain of Islands off the coast of Scotland. The order of St Raymond Nonnatus had branch houses across England and ones in South Africa and Hong Kong and she decided to set one up in the Outer Hebrides as well, the trouble was the only building they could have as a convent was the hostel, or rather it was an abandoned church being used as a youth hostel. Mother Mildred roped Fred Buckle into joining the party headed to the islands to make sure the building was viable.  

After a long train journey the group arrive at the St Faelan’s which would be their home for ten days, the building was entirely made of stone bricks and according to Trixie Franklin there had to be “700 years of mist, damp and misery seeping out of these walls”, it was also freezing meaning the midwives dressed like they burgled a jumble sale. But the midwives got to work serving their patients, though there was significantly fewer patients than those in London.  

Everything seemed to be going well until Fred decided to put a Christmas tree up in the town hall they were holding their clinic, Morag Norrie who was responsible for the upkeep of the hall was incensed as the people of her islands were Presbyterians and did not put up Christmas trees. Another temporary resident arrives that being Sister Monica Joan who travelled to the Outer Hebrides without her superiors permission and ended up getting in trouble with the police, Mother Mildred was the only one angry about this however and the nun got a round of applause for making the journey alone.  

It was decided the lease of St Faelan’s would not be made available to the order, the local council wanted it used for secular purposes or not at all. There was also a worry that the divide between the Anglican nuns and the presbyterian islanders would be too great, Sister Julienne tried to argue that in Poplar people of all faiths and none were treated the same but Mother Mildred argued the difference was in Poplar people were coming into their world not the other way around. It looked like the order would not expand after all, and after the ten days were up no nuns would take their place.  

On the way back from treating leg burns Trixie and Phyllis Crane find a local girl Effie unconscious in the middle of the road, she passed out after getting drunk and was taken to St Faelan’s. Effie did that because she was unhappy and greatly missed her deceased mother but by the end of the special she had reconciled with her aunt who she had a strained relationship with.  

On the last day the grateful residents of the island held a party of thanks for the nurses who while only there for a short while made a difference in their lives.  


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