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Susan Mullucks is a baby born to Rhoda and Bernie Mullucks, she is born malformed limbs due to her mother taking a drug containing thalidomide. Rhoda and later Bernie decide she is theirs and would fight for her because she's theirs and the Mullucks family returned three facing new challenges as a family for Susan.


Series 5[]

Susan was born to parents Rhoda and Bernie Mullucks, she had two older siblings Belinda and Perry, Rhoda gave them what she considered fancy names and was considering Jonquil for a girl after the flower. Rhoda went into labour and commented that this baby would be her first born in the spring as the other two were winter babies, she is also thought to be unplanned but Bernie and Rhoda were sure they could manage. During the delivery Patsy Mount was the midwife who attended the birth and Rhoda felt like a chump with her bum stuck in the air and couldn’t believe scientists put a man in space but hadn’t found a way around childbirth. Shelagh Turner joined Nurse Mount but once the baby girl was born they were shocked that her arms and legs hadn’t formed properly and she is taken away, her mother not allowed to see her baby.  

Everyone thought the new baby was going to die in the night so Dr Turner stayed up with her, reading the lancet to her and he realised she wanted to live and would. The staff at the maternity home wanted to transfer the baby to hospital but they knew Rhoda needed to see her first, Mrs Turner tried to explain the problem to Rhoda, telling her she had the most beautiful face but hadn’t grown as she should have. As this was happening Bernie went to see his daughter without anyone knowing and was horrified. Calling his daughter “it” and “thing”.  

Susan Rhoda home

But when Rhoda met her daughter she said “what a mess eh” to her daughter but knew she’s sort something out “because you’re mine, mine”. Rhoda decides to call her baby Susan as it was a simple name she’d never have to spell out or explain. At first Bernie didn’t want Susan coming home, it even got to the point that Rhoda and Susan might need a place at a hostel as Rhoda was adamant Susan wouldn’t go into a Home. But Bernie did go to visit Rhoda at the maternity home where Rhoda explained to Belinda and Perry their new little sister didn’t come out quite right but that it wasn’t the end of the world and if people ever called his sister names Perry would fight them off, both seemed happy with their new sister and Bernie held her tearfully, they would be a family together.  

For a while Susan could be wrapped up but that couldn’t go on forever and her parents still wanted answers on why Susan was born the way she was. She could use her arms to hold a spoon and rattle but Rhoda wasn’t coping well though she was doing her best. The Mullucks family went to the seaside and in that time distaval the drug containing thalidomide was discovered to be responsible for the deformed babies in the district and elsewhere in Great Britain. Rhoda was told and she was horrified and filled with remorse for taking the pills her sister sent her, she said Bernie had taken to calling Susan “my beautiful” until someone crossed over the road when he saw them coming, Rhoda said Bernie and her would have been the ones to cross over once but they couldn’t because Susan was theirs. Rhoda then apologises to baby Susan over and over feeling so guilty for taking the pills. The two are then seen at the funeral procession of Sister Evangelina who died around the same time.  

Series 6[]

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Series 12[]

In Christmas Special 2022, Susan is 6 years old. She has a teenaged sister and brother and her mother is pregnant and will deliver a healthy boy soon. She attends Sunday school each week but has not been included in the plans for the Christmas pageant. Mrs Avis who is in charge of it claims it's for Susan's protection, but Susan's mother Rhoda wants her to have the same experiences the other children in town have.

With Dr. Turner, Susan's parents discuss the fact that her school is not educating her adequately because she is is not legally entitled to a good education due to her disability.

Susan has recently received artificial legs and her very pregnant mother wants her to practice walking in them. While Rhoda is busy cooking, Susan sees her older siblings and their friends playing in the snow and wants to join them. Her teenaged brother helps her outside, but she falls backwards and bumps her head. She is sent to the hospital and gets stitches.

Susan's father gets drunk, which leads to the loss of the dollhouse she was going to receive for Christmas but Matthew Aylward comes to the rescue with a replacement. Susan's father goes to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting with Trixie Franklin and expresses his fears that Susan will never have a job or a husband, as that is what he has been told by society. By the end of the episode Susan is a big sister and happily holds her new brother Patrick as her father takes a photograph of Susan and her mother and three siblings.

At the charity fundraising event, Susan joins the 3 young Turner children in a rendition of Frosty the Snowman.