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Teresa Banley is a young woman who found herself pregnant and through unknown circumstances found herself being the final customer/victim of Elsie Dyers backstreet abortion business. She was portrayed by Jessie Williams.


Very little is known about Teresa, how she got pregnant and why she wanted or rather needed an abortion though she did end up finding Elsie Dyer and paying her seven pounds, according to Elsie a bargain as other abortionists charge even more. Elsie put a sharp object into her and Teresa began bleeding uncontrollably, something Elsie and Aunt Flo, who knew of Elsie’s business, say it hadn’t happened once before and Teresa is in agonising pain and had yet to lose the baby.

Aunt Flo calls her niece and Elsie’s granddaughter Valerie Dyer to the scene, though her colleague Trixie Franklin comes too based on the urgency in her voice. They arrive and find Elsie and Teresa who is still is pain, Valerie goes into shock at that moment finding out about her grandmothers work. Luckily Trixie gets down to business and keeps a cool head. Teresa is panicking that her parents would find out but Trixie tries to reassure her. Trixie commands a reluctant Aunt Flo to call an ambulance essentially forcing her with the prospect of going to the police and she complies. Teresa is taken to the ambulance and Trixie goes with her fearing she may miscarry on route.

Teresa is taken to the hospital where she presumably had to have a hysterectomy because of the laceration of her womb. The abortion case is taken to court. The midwives knew two other women who had backstreet abortions; aspiring model Cath Hindman who had to have a hysterectomy because of the lacerations and a friend of Trixie, Jeannie Tennant, who died of complications in the ambulance to the hospital. Both having caught Streptococcus infections, Elsie Dyer had a streptococcus infection also having given it to them.

As is turns out Teresa will not be giving evidence at the trial having been granted a medical exemption and her statement will be read out in the courtroom. Something the midwives take an issue with. Sister Frances and Sister Monica Joan track down the earlier victim, Cath Hindman, and she gives evidence. In the end, Elsie Dyer is sentenced to six years in Holloway for her crimes, ending the run of one abortionist but according to Elsie, there would be abortions in every backstreet until the men who make the law decide to change it.