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The London Hospital is the hospital the midwives from Nonnatus House worked with closely for the first few series of the show.


The institution that was to become The Royal London Hospital was founded on 23 September 1740, when seven gentlemen met in the Feathers Tavern in Cheapside in the City of London to subscribe to the formation of an "intended new infirmary".: 20–21 

On 3 November, The London Infirmary opened in a house on Featherstone Street, Moorfields. The staff consisted of one surgeon, physician and apothecary; and was operated as a voluntary hospital, in which patients were not charged for treatment and their care was funded charitably from annual subscription fees. The name changed to the London Hospital in 1748.  

in 1880 Eva Luckes was employed as Matron of the Hospital, a post which she held for nearly forty years. She was an influential nursing leader and instigated a new programme of nurse training, including the first Preliminary Training School for Nurses. She became known by her friend and mentor Florence Nightingale (also a Governor of The London Hospital) as 'O Matron of Matrons'.In the late 1890s, Edith Cavell, who later helped some 200 Allied soldiers escape from German-occupied Belgium during the First World War, trained under Luckes and worked as a nurse at the hospital.

Jenny seconded

Jenny wearing the "practically couture" uniform designed by Norman Hartnell

By the 1950s the hospital had established relations with Nonnatus House and requested a nurses secondment as they were short staffed on male surgical. Jenny Lee was sent and she met Patsy Mount who worked there on male surgical but surgeon Mr Tracy was a very difficult man to the point he was forcing staff out, and made mistakes like discharging a friend of Jenny’s called Jimmy who needed an emergency bowel resection. Patsy worked there with her girlfriend Delia Busby though Delia didn’t appear until later, Patsy later left to go and live at Nonnatus while Delia stayed at the nurses home until it was knocked down.  

In the first few series the hospital appeared many times, sometimes nurses were seconded there but on other occasions the main cast were patients like when Dr Turner’s son Timothy got polio and needed an iron lung to breathe or when Sister Monica Joan faked a heart attack so she didn’t need to go to Chichester. The nurses of Nonnatus worked closely with the London but their values did not always align as like with the later St Cuthberts, the staff at the London had a much more by the book approach and saw patients before people, such as with the case of Faye Rawle who was having a second baby but lost her first, the staff gave little thought to her emotional distress and didn’t even tell her she had a little boy after her ceasrian section.  

The close working relationship between Nonnatus House and the London suddenly stopped without being mentioned as St Cuthberts became the hospital they work closely with and the London has not been mentioned since Series 5.