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"Without the maternity home, many pf our patients would have the choice between giving birth in damp overcrowded housing, or a bus ride while in labour to a hospital where their children couldn't visit. Personally, I don't think that's any choice at all."
- Patrick Turner about the maternity home

Kenilworth Row maternity home is a maternity home in Poplar, London which is located in the same building Dr Patrick Turner hosts his surgery.


The maternity home is a cottage hospital located in Poplar, London opened by Dr Patrick Turner around 1958 where he could give them new invention gas and air, Sister Evangelina was not a fan of the idea but soon lots of mothers deliver their baby’s there. Mothers are often booked in for reasons such as special treatment or if they have expected complications like Pre eclampsia or twins or simply if there home is a slum that isn’t adequate for babies to be born in. however it only has so many beds, only four and one delivery room and incubator meaning they can’t just book anyone in unless necessary. Shelagh Turner is the only Nonnatun who only nurses at the maternity home, all the other nurses work in shifts. The reliance on Nonnatus House is something Patrick relishes but it has the unfortunate downside of if the midwives where forced out of the community the popular maternity home would have to close. The maternity home was nearly closed down in Series 6 as part of a scheme to move women into the hospital, they were send a very biased inspector, when asked why women choose the maternity home Dr Turner answers because it gives women a choice between cold general hospitals there families couldn’t visit and giving birth in squalor as well as letting them stay in the community, however he relented to allow the maternity home to stay open for a time, but warns that progress was marching one way and maternity homes wouldn’t be there in ten years from then. Nevertheless the home remains active into the late 1960s and is still a popular and frequently used facility in the district.