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The Noakes Home was the residence of Chummy, Peter and Freddie Noakes. They moved there in 1959 after Nonnatus House fell down and their old house was condemned.


In early 1959, the three members of the Noakes family moved into the house. The house itself is much nicer than the slums still prevalent in the east end at the time with two floors, a living room and kitchen. However not as grand as the houses the upper class Chummy would have grown up in.

Shelagh Turner prepared for her wedding to Dr Turner while at the house with the other midwives who were her bridesmaids. One of the neighbours in their street is Mrs Torpy, a middle aged woman who loves bingo. Chummy who at that point had retired from midwifery helped deliver her baby at home. This event caused her to return to Nonnatus House part time.

The house gets another resident when Chummy’s mother, Lady Browne who never approved of her daughter marrying into the sort of life she had comes to stay. Lady Browne is very rude throughout her stay, insulting everything, Lady Browne was about to leave when it is found out she has terminal cancer. She is nursed through her final weeks by her daughter and her colleagues, finally dying upstairs in the house.

The Noakes family continue to live there until Chummy is offered a position as temporary matron at a mother and baby home which came with accommodation. Peter continues to appear until Series 6, the Noakes evidently left the district offscreen and haven’t been referenced since.