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The police station is the local police station for Poplar. It is the working place of the police officers of Poplar and the midwives often find themselves there through the unjust lives of their patients.


Peter Noakes began working in the police station around Series 3 and he took his sergeants exams for the third time and passed taking a more active role in the law enforcement of Poplar. There have been many times the midwives were forced to go there, one such occasion was during a spate of attacks on the women of Poplar, a prostitute called Lizzie was viciously attacked and a new mother was too but neither spoke to the police. It was only when Sister Mary Cynthia spoke to the police that the man responsible was caught and arrested by the police. Another occasion was when new mother Trudy Watts left her two children at the police station, her husband was abusive, she wanted to divorce him but he went for custody of his children. Sergeant Noakes believed she could be charged but Phyllis Crane was adamant she did what she did out of fear, in the end Trudy was granted custody of her children.

Phyllis Crane finds her way back to the police station again when she accidentally hit young boy Lenny Antoine with her car and may have faced charges. But it was found that Nurse Crane neither imbibed in alcohol and that Lenny ran out in front of the car so there was nothing she could be charged with, Lenny made a full recovery in the end. That would prove to be the last appearance of Peter Noakes who supposedly left the district offscreen. He was replaced by Sergeant Aubrey Woolf.

Under Woolf the police encountered several backstreet abortions. One was the case of aspiring model Cath Hindman who’s internal injuries were so bad she needed a hysterectomy to save her life and another was Jeannie Tennant who died on the way to the hospital. The police spoke to people involved but nothing that could lead them to the abortionist came up. It was found to be grandmother of Nonnatus midwife Valerie Dyer, Elsie Dyer who was performing the abortions and she was arrested and sentenced to six years in prison.

Sergeant Woolf left the district himself after having a heart attack. The police station continues to appear on the show such as the case of Marigold Nyall in which the skeletons of two babies were found in an old Poplar building. But the midwives have little to no onscreen relationship with the police station anymore and it is usually one off police officers who appear in episodes.

As of Series 12 the building appears to have been replaced with a new police station that nun Sister Veronica was seen in episode 3.