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The Turner Home is the current house of the Turner family that they moved to in Series 6 not long before the birth of Teddy Turner.


The kitchen

Shelagh in her kitchen

The new Turner home is a very bright and architype of a 1960s home, the Turners moved in when their original flat became too small for their growing family and they found their current home. Unfortunately their move doesn’t go well, their electricity was given the wrong date and all of their furniture was sent to Kent but they still show good humour. Not long afterwards Shelagh gave birth to Teddy with the help of Sister Julienne and Patrick once she realised how much she wanted him there. The downstairs of the house is shown the most with upstairs only shown a few times, the garden is often seen and is the home of the Turner family rabbits. The main residents are Patrick, Shelagh and the three younger Turners as Timothy left for boarding school in Series 9 and starting from Series 10 attends Edinburgh University to train as a doctor, the only other resident was Magdalena Kovacks, their old au pair. The house is a great contrast to the original Turner home as it is very bright and colourful, it presumably has three bedrooms as Timothy had to share with Teddy when May comes to live with them.