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Tripti Valluk is a mother who appears in Series 5, Episode 8. She is portrayed by Anjana Vasan.


Tripti Valluk is an expectant mother being seen to by Nurse Barbara Gilbert, she is Sylheti and some people in her house speak little English but she seems to have learned it well, the family also live in shocking poverty. Barbara taught herself a few words of Sylheti however. Barbara went to listen to the baby’s heartbeat but found Tripti's tired husband lying in bed, Tripti promised her husband would not look, Barbara says it would be fine as she once delivered a baby with the drunk husband fast asleep beside his wife. Tripti looked around and said her home was not the one she left but it was a new home and so she wanted the baby born there.  

Tripti went into labour and Barbara set off to the home with Sister Evangelina who had recently had a stroke and was adamant she would not do new-borns anymore. Tripti is in pain and Sister Evangelina is explained some of the traditions from Sylhet Tripti would be following. She would go into a period of seclusion not seeing anyone even her husband, but she could not keep the tradition of sleeping on the floor for a week after the birth as there was no room. Tripti begins pushing and gives birth to a baby girl.  

The placenta took a while to come, Barbara asks Sister Evangelina to bathe the new baby. At first she refused but Barbara persuaded her, Tripti is then left with her baby. Unfortunately the birth of Tripti’s baby would be the last Sister Evangelina would be involved with as she would die that very night from a stroke.  

Tripti and her baby were part of the crowd outside Nonnatus House on the day of Sister Evangelina’s funeral saying goodbye to a midwife who had served the women of Poplar for many years.