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Vincent Atwood was the brother of Sister Evangelina, they hadn’t seen each other in a few years and came to Poplar when he heard of his sisters Jubilee. He was played by Tony Turner.  


Vincent was the youngest of a family living somewhere near Reading, his sister Enid was present at his birth and it was his first cry that made her realise she wanted to be a midwife, describing it as being so full of hope and seeing everything made new. The Atwood family grew up essentially drinking out of jam jars being very poor, his sister Enid took holy orders and began training as a nurse and midwife in the order of St Raymond Nonnatus taking the religious name Sister Evangelina. Vincent hated the life she chose thinking she was throwing her life away.  

Vincent joined the merchant navy and was “fighting the bottle since he opened his first pay packet” according to his elder sister, he said the trouble with drink was it hated those who love it most, both hated the lives each other chose. He managed to become sober more than once, but he always returned to drinking. He and Sister Evangelina were seemingly the only members of their family left when their older brother died on active service during the war.  

He sometimes appeared at Nonnatus House looking for help from his sister, but she always kept him from her sisters in Christ. By 1959 it had been a few years since he had last arrived at his sisters doorstep and she began thinking he must be dead, but it was the year of her jubilee, the anniversary of her religious vows and it was customary to invite friends and family the nun had outside the order. So Sister Winifred sent a letter to the curate of the parish Vincent and his sister were living in before she entered the order and he passed his details onto the Seamans mission and Vincent got word of it.

He arrived in Poplar a sick man and his sister took food (including a lemon meringue pie) and bandages without her fellow sisters permission which made her feel very bad like she was defrauding the order. In the dead of night Sister Evangelina was running around the derelict building Vincent had taken refuge in but was seen by Constable Peter Noakes who decided to ring for an ambulance. Sister Evangelina explained Vincent’s story and her own and why she became a midwife. Vincent told her “you see the good in everything, that’s your curse” and his sister said she replied “and you don’t and that’s yours”. It was arranged for Vincent to have a bed at the psychiatric Maudsley Hospital. His sister said he was sharp as a tack and would run rings round the physiatrists.  

Despite it all both Vincent and Sister Evangelina loved each other. Vincent attended his sisters jubilee party also attended by those she nursed and delivered, and even the babies of the babies she delivered. He gave her flowers and said “well done Sister” which would have a double meaning. He was looking much better than when she last saw him and they sat down to tea with everyone else where he was seen meeting the nuns his sister nursed with.  

His sister died suddenly of a stroke in 1961, Vincent neither appeared nor was even mentioned in the episode. This leaves his status post series 3 uncertain.