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Violet Gee Haberdashery is the shop and home of Violet Buckle, previously Violet Gee. Fred and Violet Buckle live above the shop, and occasionally Reggie Jackson when he pays visits to Poplar.


The shop is a popular haberdashery in the Poplar district of East London, England. In the show, women often come in to purchase fabric and sewing supplies, including expectant mothers preparing for their babies. Being a shop based around women men of that time would have difficulty running it as Fred Buckle found out, one customer was there for her “monthlies” and Fred replied “monthly what?”. However in the same episode a woman named Mrs Cadman insults Fred and calls the shop the only thing she has, she is then kicked out. Violet says the shop is what she had when he didn’t have anyone, when she did have Fred. The shop gained another resident when Reggie Jackson lost his mother Ivy, who was Fred’s cousin, Reggie goes to live in a community for people with various conditions but still visits several times a year. After Violet is elected into the local council, the midwives often burst in hoping for council assistance, although Violet attempts to keep her business separate from her council work.