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Yvonne Bridges (née McKenzie) was an expectant mother who appeared in the 2013 Christmas Special. She was played by Victoria Bewick.


Yvonne Bridges (maiden name McKenzie) was seven years old when she met husband Alan, who was a year older than her. They did most things together growing up until Alan was sent to Korea to do National Service. When Alan came back, he was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. He suffers recurring nightmares, is unable to sleep for more than an hour at a time, and he smells blood every moment he's awake.

At Christmas 1958, Alan and Yvonne were expecting their first child which was due any day, but were forced to evacuate their home when the police discovered an unexploded bomb in the next street, and they had to take refuge at the community centre. After the bomb is detonated, Yvonne goes into labour, and Jenny and Trixie help her and Alan home once Constable Noakes gives the all-clear.

Once at home, Alan stayed by Yvonne's side as Jenny and Trixie delivered their baby, a little boy.