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Yvonne Corless was an underaged mother at Astor Lodge during the 2014 Christmas Special. She was portrayed by Josie Farmiloe.


Yvonne is first seen helping a young girl in labour down the stairs, the girl is scolded by Sister Maltby for not packing her things to get ready for hospital. Yvonne is later scolded herself being told that her son won’t calm down if she doesn’t put him down, Yvonne tells her fondly that he knows that his milk is coming back up, Sister Maltby retorts that the only thing he can taste is how much vitamins the National Health is paying to put on her and snides to the baby “ain’t that right, little boy?” Yvonne tells her the baby’s name is Nicholas, Sister Maltby cynically tells her to stop indulging herself and the baby and that she’s making it hard for both of them. As Sister Maltby is leaving, Avril Fox says “Welcome to the grand hotel”, Making her and Denise smile.

The girls are later seen walking in the garden and Yvonne says she wishes his dad could see him, Avril in surprise asks if he’s got a Dad. She adds that they wanted to get married, but neither of them are 21 and their parents refused to sign the papers, she asks Avril about her boyfriend and she tells her she packed hers in, saying he used to come into her Grandad’s pet shop to get birdseed for his budgees and that she reckons caged birds were about his limit, they then ask Denise who complains about being really hot and has a headache. They are rudely interrupted by Sister Maltby’s whistle telling her to come to the matrons office.

Yvonne is then met by a social worker in the office who is surprised by the dummy, Yvonne tells her he cries a lot, only again to be met by Sister Maltby’s snark reply that Ms. French is there to do the final checks, Ms. French sends her upstairs to set his close on the bed to ensure the parents what clothes he’ll be wearing, Yvonne tells them he’s due to be fed in a minute and asks to do that first but Sister Maltby snaps at her and she goes upstairs, but she stops when she hears the sound of a car engine and runs downstairs in horror shouting “you can’t take him!” But Sister Maltby reminds her she has signed the papers, Ms. French drives off with baby Nicholas in the back of her car, she breaks down as Avril hands her the baby’s pacifier and we later see her in tears and over lactating as Chummy comforts her, Yvonne wails that the baby needed feeding and later Dr Turner tells Timothy that Yvonne burst a blood vessel in her eye by crying.

Yvonne later leaves Astor Lodge thanking everyone for looking after her.